Why Play Frost Bite at Spin Palace?

It has a wild, multiplier symbol and the maximum payout is 1,600 coins. The Frost Bite symbol is a wild, multiplier symbol. This means it substitutes for any other symbol to complete winning combinations, and multiplies the payout. The Frost Bite Symbol also provides a few other exciting winning opportunities. These include:

  • A single Frost Bite symbol doubles the payout of any combination it completes.
  • Two Frost Bite symbols quadruple the payout of any combination they complete.
  • Three Frost Bite symbols on the payline create a winning combination

For more about winning combinations, please take a look at the Payout Schedule for Frost Bite that we have included below:

The Frost Bite Slot Payout Table

Combination Coin 1 Coin 2
Frost Bite symbols 800 1,600
Frostie symbols 80 160
3-Bar symbols 40 80
2-Bar symbols 25 50
1-Bar symbols 10 20
Snowflake symbols 10 20
Any 3 Bar symbols 5 10
Snowflake symbols 5 10
Snowflake symbol 2 4

If you take a look at the table above you will be able to see that the following examples of play are influenced by the payout table rules:

Playing with one, one dollar coin and hitting 3 Snowflake symbols will give you a payout of $10. Playing with two one dollar coins and hitting 3, 3 Bar symbols will give you a payout of $80 dollars. Playing with two one dollar coins and hitting 3 Frost Bite symbols will give you a payout of $1600.

Slot Tips for Frost Bite Slots Fans

It is hard to determine when the winning Frost Bite combination will appear. For jackpot hunters, however, patience is an important characteristic to develop in winning slots.

For die hard slot players, it is important to keep on track of previous winnings. From there, players construct their own pattern and betting strategy. Aside from the timing, players evaluate the different combinations that appeared prior to the jackpot combination. Each aspect matters as players try to analyse the game to determine the best way to take home the cash.