How to Play

Jackpot Deuces functions on the same principle that all online video poker games do – you have to kick things off by placing a bet. The coin size starts at 2 credits, but if you want to be in with a chance to get the coveted hand that will give you the progressive pot, then a maximum bet of 5 coins is what you’ll need.

Once you’ve made your bet you’ll receive 5 cards. From here on it’s a simple case of deciding what cards you’d like to keep; this achieved by clicking on those respective ones, followed by Draw. The cards that you avoided will then be replaced by random new ones. Once you’ve clicked Draw, your poker hand is juxtaposed against the Pay Table to reveal your winnings.

Wild Deuces

In the Jackpot Deuces deck, all 4 deuces are wild cards that can serve as substitutes for any card in the deck. The beauty of having wild cards in your deck is their ability to turn ailing hands into winning hands. For instance, a hand with 2 pairs coupled with a wild deuce turns into a Full House. A wild card can even bestow five of a kind, a hand often considered way out of reach.

The Progressive Jackpot

In poker the best hand is the Royal Flush (10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace – of the same suit). In Jackpot Deuces, your potential wins are determined by your card’s symbols. So for instance, a Royal Flush of spades, clubs or hearts on a 5 coin bet can award a 4000 coin payout. But should you achieve the same hand with diamonds, you’ll get the ultimate payout in the form of the Jackpot Deuces Progressive Jackpot, and you know that that means!

Enjoy this online video poker game with Spin Palace – the premium online casino.