Time to Get Lucky!

Lucky Stars Online Video Slots offers 5 reels and 20 paylines, but this is merely the start of your voyage into the stars as this online slot game is also entertaining by way of its spectacular graphics and great sounds. Spin Palace Casino players are sure to become completely absorbed by this game’s implementation of the 12 signs of the Zodiac, which also ties into its free spins feature and bonus game.

The Zodiac Wheel serves as the doorway into an enticing dimension of the stars. Land 3 or more of these symbols and not only will you receive 7 free spins with all wins trebled, but you’ll stand a chance of going even further into the realms of the galaxy and your future profitable possibilities. This can all be accomplished thanks to a big Zodiac wheel on which you will select your star sign from the 12 mystical symbols. Once you’ve made your selection, the ancient Zodiac Wheel will spin and if it lands on your chosen star sign will present you with two brilliant options: 15 free spins with all wins trebled or a bonus game that involves a trip into the heavens.

Lucky Winnings

The bonus game will transport you into up into the stars where the 12 constellations will be presented before you. Players will be allowed to choose 5 from which massive rewards can be the outcome. Should the selected star sign not be highlighted on the Zodiac Wheel, you’ll still get your original 7 free spins – it’s all about choice!

Aiding and abetting your journey into the winning stratosphere is the crystal ball with its Wild powers of substitution that will double your money and create profitable combinations.

Lucky Stars Online Video Slots truly offers Spin Palace Casino players a superior gaming experience. Enjoy it right now and stand to win up to 40 000 coins in the constellation bonus, 200 000 in the base game and a star-sized 400 000 coins in the free spins feature.