Play Multiplayer Roulette in Real Time

For many players, the only downside to playing Roulette at an online casino is the fact that you’re playing alone. However, the developers at Microgaming have come up with a brilliant solution, allowing you to play Roulette with other players in real time!

Multi Player Roulette Diamond Edition allows players to enjoy the same game of Roulette simultaneously, and you’ll be amazed as you watch yourself and your competitors wager and win straight from your screen.

The games convenient and state of the art chat feature will allow you to interact with other players, bringing a unique Roulette ambience straight to your living room.

Online Roulette Gaming Tailored for You

With gorgeous graphics and awesome features, you’ll be in for immersive gaming with Microgaming’s Multi Player Roulette Diamond Edition.

Take advantage of the game’s ingenious 3D roulette wheel zoom feature to check out other players’ recent wins. You can even set the game to the perfect pace with 20, 40 or 60 second spin intervals!

Using the same rules and odds as classic European Roulette, you’ll soon master Multi Player Roulette Diamond Edition, whether you’re a seasoned professional or a first-time player. Game play is easy and the user-friendly interface makes placing bets a pleasure.

Sign Up and Win at Spin Palace

Microgaming’s Diamond Edition casino games are renowned for their glamorous look and feel, and you’ll feel like you’re playing at the world’s most prestigious salon privé whenever you play Multi Player Roulette Diamond Edition at Spin Palace!

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