Enjoy Traditional Action with a Twist

Let’s start with the basics of Supajax. The game kicks off with a 52-card deck, along with the unique addition of a special Supajax bonus card. To win, you’ll simply need to use your 5 playing cards to create the highest ranking poker hand possible.

Play by classic video poker rules and you’ll be A for away, and don’t forget to play at the maximum bet to unlock all the best features and considerably boost your winnings. Enjoy Supajax for real money right here at Spin Palace if you really want a chance at the big bucks!

Score 3,000 coins for a Royal Flush

With a red and blue design and cheerful yellow stars, Supajax has a bold interface that’s reminiscent of the American flag. This superb video poker game will pay on all hands of Jacks or better, including a massive 3,000 coin jackpot for a Royal Flush.

All of the same familiar poker hands will award you payouts here, bringing you traditional video poker gaming at any hour. However, Microgaming always throws in a twist for their video poker fans, which in this case is an unbelievable progressive jackpot!

Put Your Money on Progressive Jackpots

The Supajax progressive jackpot will have you on the edge of your seat with a payout of 10,000 coins and upwards. Are you in it to win it? Simply play at the maximum bet of 5 coins and reveal a hand of 4 Jacks along with the special Supajax bonus card to hit this sensational prize!

A progressive jackpot and a funky design is just the beginning, though. Supajax video poker caters to the most adventurous of players by offering them a Gamble Bonus, too. Remember, it’s double or nothing in this round – but choose the right card and you could walk away with twice the cash.