The Most Fun You Can Have Online

Microgaming was spot-on when they picked the name for this magnificent Blackjack game. With hyper-realistic graphics and sounds, you’ll be transported to your favourite salon privé the second you open it online.

Super Fun 21 Blackjack is a single-hand variation with just a single deck, allowing you to focus on winning big with a single selection of cards. Perfect for beginners and pros alike, Microgaming’s Super Fun 21 Blackjack has a whole lot of tricks and bonuses up its sleeve to keep you coming back for more again and again!

Enjoy Exclusive Features like Late Surrenders

Super Fun 21 Blackjack will bring you all the traditional rules of classic Blackjack. The dealer will begin the game by dealing your hand, and you’ll always have the option of taking Insurance. In this variation, the dealer must Stand on a Hard 17, and must Hit on a Soft 17 or lower.

Better still, this game offers the unique ability to call a Late Surrender to help you preserve your bankroll when things aren’t going your way. With a minimum stake of just 1.00 per game, you can easily practice with low stakes until you’re ready to break out the big bucks!

Try Your Hand at Super Fun 21

Of course, Super Fun 21 Blackjack also offers you the option to Double Down on any number of cards, and you can split a hand up to 3 times - including A’s and unalike 10 point cards.

Reveal a natural Blackjack for an even money win, and get a 2 to 1 prize for a Blackjack in the suit of sparkling Diamonds. If you’re feeling bold, you’ll also get a thrilling 2 to 1 payout if you can beat the dealer with a hand of 21 points in 6 cards or more!