Simple Base Game

Even though Treasure Ireland starts off as a classic fruit machine in its simplicity with 3 reels and 1 payline, the true colours of this game will soon be revealed as play progresses. The symbols are all true to the theme and consist of shamrocks, skulls, a pint of Guinness, parrots, ships, treasure chests and the Irish pirate himself, who is also your highest paying symbol at 500 x the credit staked.

Treasure Map Bonus Games

When playing Treasure Ireland at Spin Palace Casino, you’ll notice that some of the symbols have a piece of a treasure map attached and if you’re lucky enough to find 3 of these, the bonus game will be triggered. This bonus game is in the form of a board game with a counter in the centre, which is spun to land on a goldmine of rewards such as multipliers, instant cash, or features you can store for later.

Random Nudges and Holds

Nudges and holds are 2 Bonus features that could guarantee wins. Nudges will be rewarded at random and will enable you to nudge a reel down a notch to attempt to create a winning combination. A hold is similar in that the aim is to create a winning combination, except you will be able to freeze any of the reels and spin the others to attempt to create a winning combination when playing Treasure Ireland at Spin Palace Casino.

Let ‘Em Spin and Shifta Rewards

What more do we need to say to get you to play Treasure Ireland at Spin Palace Casino? How about 2 more Bonus features? If you’re lucky enough to see the words ‘Let ‘em Spin’ on the screen above the reels, sit back and press ‘Spin’ as this will create a guaranteed win. With ‘Shifta’ the reels will rearrange themselves to create a winning combination. You don’t even have to do anything to get these wins!