The Reel Layout

The reels in Winning Wizards are made of 5 sections with 5 paylines spread across them. The reels each have 3 rows of symbols. Wagers start at 0.05 per payline for a standard wager of 0.25 per spin.

You can increase the coin value to 1 per payline for a maximum possible wager of 5 per spin. Just like the game design, the wagering is kept simple and functional.

Bewitching Base Symbols

The standard reel symbols in Winning Wizards will not surprise any slot fan. They are made of 4 playing card symbols. There is a K, a Q, a J and of course a 10.

The unique part of these symbols is that with the 10 and J you only need two symbols matched and lined up on a payline. This pays out a single coin, while the rest of the reel symbols require at least 3 matched symbols.

The standard symbols also feature a Q and K symbol. These standard symbols award a minimum of 1 to 5 coins and maximum prizes of 100 to 500 coins, which isn’t exactly chump change.

 It’s clear to see this Wizard has quite a few rewards up his sleeve!

Wand Waving High Value Symbols

Now we get to the bigger prizes. There are three higher value icons to look out for. The Wizard’s spell book is the most sought after of these three symbols.

It is worth a massive 2500 coins for 5 matched symbols, while it pays out 25 and 250 respectively for 3 and 4 matched icons.

The golden Wizard ring and the Potion bottle are each also quite valuable with 1000 and 1500 coin prizes.

Potent Jackpots

The highest value symbols are the wand and the wizard himself. The wand offers a jackpot of 5000 while the wizard awards the biggest in game jackpot - 10 000 coins.

For magical slots entertainment, look no further than Winning Wizards!