European Blackjack Gold Basics

This classic version of Blackjack is the ideal way for players at Spin Palace to learn all the intricacies of the world’s favourite card game. Being able to play these mobile casino games anywhere also allows you to grab a few moments’ practice whenever you have time.

As always the objective in European Blackjack Gold is to beat the dealer and reach a hand total of 21, also called Blackjack, or as close to that as possible without going any higher. The number cards are worth their face value, the royal cards are worth 10 and the aces are worth 1 or 11 depending on the value of the rest of the hand they are in.

Before the cards are dealt, you’ll place your bet. You and the Dealer are then given 2 cards each, with 1 of the Dealer’s visible to you. After seeing your 2 cards and the Dealer’s face-up card, you need to decide what to do next. You can Hit to get dealt another card, Split your hand in 2 if you’ve been dealt a pair, Double your wager and get 1 more card, and Stand when satisfied with your hand.

There are 3 winning possibilities: to get Blackjack, to get a higher total than the Dealer’s when both hands are under 21, and to get a total under 21 when the Dealer goes over. Within these simple rules are endless possibilities, which is what makes these mobile casino games so popular at Spin Palace. It really is impossible to get bored of European Blackjack Gold!

European Blackjack Gold Enhancements

This game is always fantastic, but being part of the Gold Series makes it even better. You can buy insurance on the Dealer’s hand winning, and access fantastic in-game strategy tables and guides.

The best place to enjoy premium mobile casino games is, of course, right here at Spin Palace and you can start! Sign up with us and get your European Blackjack Gold adventures going now.