Enjoy Advanced Blackjack Game Play

No matter where in Europe you are, you can play up to five hands on your mobile when you play Multi Hand Spanish 21 Blackjack. The game is played with eight decks of playing cards with 48 cards in each deck as the ten cards are removed to add a little thrill to the game.

Multi Hand Spanish 21 Blackjack is considered a hole card game where the dealer has the ability to check his face down card if he holds an ace or a face card. If the dealer does hold Blackjack, the game will be over.

This version of Blackjack awards you a bonus payout if you reach the value of twenty one without splitting or doubling.

Enjoy Fantastic Features from Microgaming

It is typical of Microgaming mobile casino games to have adjustable features and an Expert Mode for enhanced game play. The Auto Play option will have the game playing the best rounds for you, while you sit back and relax. The game will apply the best strategy that you impose on it, to ensure the best possible outcome and you’ll never miss out on a winning hand.

The standard Blackjack rules apply in Multi Hand Spanish 21 Blackjack, but it is available at Spin Palace in free play mode to get better acquainted. Splitting is allowed once on aces and only one further card will be dealt. You can however split up to three times. Doubling down is allowed except after a split or a Blackjack hand.

Play Multi Hand Spanish 21 Blackjack on the move with Spin Palace and have the winning hand!