Premier Roulette Diamond Edition Game Basics

The essential rules of the game don’t change in the Premier Roulette Diamond Edition, and it follows the same structure as the other casino games of this nature at Spin Palace. Roulette, with its simple rules and myriad complex outcomes, has always been popular in Ireland.

As always, a wheel with demarcated panels is spun, and a ball is dropped onto it. You need to bet on where the ball will be when the wheel comes to rest, before the spinning stops. At Spin Palace, we ensure that the panel the ball stops in is 100% fairly determined using Random Number Generation.

You can bet on the ball landing in a specifically numbered panel, on the colour of the panel that it lands in, and on different ranges of numbers that it might land on. The more specific you are, the greater your odds and risk – but the greater your rewards as well. You need to be careful and start slowly, but the potential payouts can be irresistible!

Game Enhancements

What sets the Premier Roulette Diamond Edition apart from similar casino games are its incredible graphics and special features.

You will appreciate the single screen interface that replaces the split screen of the original Premier game, making the action feel much more immediate.

Players at Spin Palace usually take the development of their skills with casino games very seriously, which is why the different special features here will appeal to them so much. You can access gaming histories, set repeat bets and activate the AutoPlay feature. All of this will help you to develop your game and appreciate it more, so it’s no wonder the Premier Roulette Diamond Edition is such a big hit with players across Ireland. Try it for yourself!