European Blackjack Gold Game Basics



European Blackjack Gold is a classic version of the game, so it’s a good place to learn the essentials before trying all of the other variations we have on offer at Spin Palace. The immersive nature of the game also makes it a perfect training arena.

As always, the objective is to get a hand total of 21, or Blackjack, or as close to this amount as you can without going over it. You’ll also need to ensure that you beat the dealer in the process!

Have the Winning Hand

Once you’ve placed your wagers, 2 cards are dealt to you and the Dealer, with 1 of the Dealer’s cards being visible to you.

Based on your 2 cards and the Dealer’s face-up card, you need to decide what to do next. You can hit and get another card, double your wager and get dealt another card, split your hand if you are dealt a pair, or stand when you are happy with your hand.

You win by getting Blackjack, or 21 exactly, and by scoring higher than the Dealer hand if both totals are under 21. If your total is below 21 and the Dealer’s is above it, you win as well.

Enhanced Mobile Blackjack

Thanks to Microgaming’s re-mastering, European Roulette Gold really is one of the best mobile casino games available on the go. Apart from the cutting edge graphics, animations and sound, you’ll have access to in-game guides and strategy tables that will give you the edge.

Sign up at Spin Palace and enjoy all that this superb card game has to offer, anytime, anywhere!