Essentials of Atlantic City Blackjack Gold

The basics of Atlantic City Blackjack are the same as the other casino games of this nature, so it should be easy for players in Ireland to pick up. As usual, you need to try and build a hand equal or as close to 21 as possible, without going over that amount. At the same time, you’ll need to beat the dealer by ensuring your hand is the stronger one.

The extra twists to Atlantic City Blackjack Gold make it one of Spin Palace’s more interesting and involved games, and include the fact that you can double down from the very beginning and can resplit up to 3 times in a single round.

The Dealer has to hit on any total of 16 or less and stand on any total of 17 or more, whether these hands are hard or soft. The criteria for winning are also the same as in most other Blackjack games seen in Ireland: if you make Blackjack, get closer than the Dealer hand to 21 without busting or staying under 21 when the Dealer hand busts, you win. If you draw Blackjack with the Dealer, you will push.

Golden Advantages

All of Microgaming’s titles are well respected in Ireland and around the world, but their Gold Series games are especially impressive, and are the perfect fit for Spin Palace.

The animations and graphics are detailed and immersive, and the smooth functionality will make you feel as if you’re in one of the best brick-and-mortar casinos in Ireland, rather than playing online.

In-game guidelines and strategy tables will help you to decide what move to make, and can give you the winning edge. As Blackjack is also a game of skill and wit, you’ll find that the more you play, the better your results.

Sign up at Spin Palace and enjoy Atlantic City Blackjack Gold at your leisure!