Top Quality Microgaming Online Slots Games

Slots enthusiasts in Ireland have always trusted Spin Palace to deliver the superb online casino games they expect, demand and deserve. Our slots games are all developed and produced by Microgaming, one of the oldest and most respected studios in the casino software industry.

All of Microgaming’s games are impressive, but their slots games are especially renowned and have won multiple awards. Players in Ireland have access to all of them at our casino, and we’ll also keep bringing you the exciting new titles that the Microgaming team regularly rolls out. 

Playing the best slots games at the smoothest, most rewarding online casino has never been easier. Everything is waiting for you at Spin Palace.


Have Fun with Classic 3-reel Games

The first slots games were created more than a century ago, in the bars of Brooklyn and San Francisco, and were based on a single payline and 3 reels. At Spin Palace our Classic games are created around the same format and feature brightly coloured icons on their reels. These symbols include the traditional fruit, 7s and bars that were seen on the reels of the original games.

Although these games are quite simple, we haven’t skimped on their quality at all. Microgaming’s world-famous graphics and seamless functionality are easy to see, and the authentic sound effects will wow you even more.

Playing 3-reelers is a great way to get started on your spinning adventures, as well as getting to know how this category of casino games really works. For purists or anyone else wanting to appreciate classic design combined with slick technological improvements, they’re perfect as well. And don’t be fooled by their simplicity; these games offer some of the best rewards in the casino!

Cutting Edge Video Slots Games

Video slots games are a lot more detailed and involved, and really show what Microgaming’s technology can do. They’re all based on different themes, with storylines and bonus rounds that are revealed as you keep playing.

The ideas that the games are centred on range from gorgeous fantasy stories to everyday experiences with a quirky edge, and everything in between. Different task-based bonus rounds carry the themes even further, and help you to win much more too. Spinning really doesn’t get better than this, as you’ll see for yourself as soon as you start playing top titles such as Agent Jane Blonde and Avalon II.

Blockbuster Video Slots Action 

Some of the best Video titles we have on offer here at Spin Palace are based on big television, movie and comic book franchises. Thanks to Microgaming’s agreements with the creators of these intellectual properties, fans can enjoy their favourite entertainments in a whole new way at our casino.

The most popular games are listed below, but there are plenty more that are waiting to be explored. Enjoy playing them all and deciding on which are your favourites! Start by checking out:

•    Battlestar Galactica™
•    Hitman™
•    Game of Thrones™
•    Bridesmaids™
•    Jurassic Park™
•    Terminator 2™
•    Tomb Raider™

Win Big with Progressive Jackpot Slots

For many players in Ireland and around the world, progressive jackpot slots really deliver the ultimate thrills! Several games are linked together, with all players contributing to a single prize pot. 

These jackpots can be awarded to anyone at any time, and are far larger than anything a standalone machine could ever pay out. In fact, the progressive jackpot games at Spin Palace can only be described as jaw dropping! Payouts of over a million are often up for grabs and a single spin could reward you with riches beyond your wildest dreams!

Multiplayer Tournament Games

At Spin Palace we’re always trying to challenge and entertain our players in new ways, and multiplayer tournaments are perfect when you want a change of pace or to try something different.

You’ll be going up against players from all over the world, and the social aspect of these games shouldn’t be underestimated. Many enthusiasts have met some of their best friends by taking part in these games. Their sense of community and fun is really enjoyable.

Tournaments usually have a set entrance fee, and then don’t require you to pay anything else. This means that you know what your potential losses are at the start of your gameplay, which can be really helpful.

You’ll be given a certain number of credits at the beginning of each round, to play on Classic games with fixed Jackpots. You need to use these to try and get as many points as you can within a set amount of time. At the end of each session, the totals of each participant will be compared. Those with the highest scores will move on to the next round and repeat the process. Different tournaments let through different numbers of people, but at the end there is always a single winner.

If you’re the last person standing, you stand to win a huge payout. These games really can return huge payouts for small investments, so they’re well worth practicing and investigating. With our gorgeous new site design, this is easier and more of a pleasure than ever.

Choose Your Online Slots Options

At Spin Palace online casino, we know two things for sure. The first is that every player in Ireland deserves the very best experiences. The second is that what is best for some players, is not necessarily what’s best for others.

That’s why we’ve given you so many choices. Whenever you play at our new and improved casino, you’ll enjoy the biggest range of the best games and will get to decide how you want to play them. We’re here to accommodate whatever suits you.

Play Online Slots Your Way

You can choose to install our casino for the full suite of casino games, or to visit us directly through your web browser.  You can also decide whether to play for real money, or free for no deposit. This is true for almost every one of our casino games, including our multiplayer tournaments. Being able to play for free gives you the chance to relax and unwind with your favourite games in a stress-free way, and lets you practice as well. 

When you feel really comfortable and confident, you can start placing real money bets and winning big. Don’t forget to claim some of our incredible Bonuses and boost your winnings even more!

Thrilling Online Slots Entertainment

Spin Palace brings you the very best in online casino entertainment and the richest slots rewards. Our safe, secure banking service, support, fair results, generous bonuses and high payout ratios are all designed to provide a gaming experience that’s unbeatable.

For the ultimate in online slots, sign up with us and discover just how exciting every spin can be.