An Adventure That Involves YOU

Jurassic Park™ Online Video Slots does quite a few things for players ready to embark on its incredible journey. This casino game has been bestowed with something completely new and exclusive from Microgaming – a Parallax Scrolling Feature. This new visual aspect serves to enhance the player experience from a visual standpoint and in the process creates a more involved gaming sensation. Spin Palace Casino players will feel as if they’re actually wondering around the Jurassic Park™ Island while observing all it beastly inhabitants. The gaming experience is further enhanced by all the authentic sounds of the island which entails a perpetual hum of insects, the rustling of the grass and various unique birdcalls. Embodied with great video clips and all the main human leads from the film such as Dr Malcom and Dr Grant, Jurassic Park™ Online Slots, like the original film, promises to be nothing short of spectacular!

An Adventure With Over 200 Ways to Win!

Like the dinosaurs that inhabit this casino game, Jurassic Park™ Online Video Slots offers big reward opportunities, starting with its payline structure that gives Spin Palace players over 200 ways in which to win! Without having to monitor any complex payline patterns, players will simply need to look for the same symbols landing anywhere on reels 1, 2 and 3 to secure a win. Wins are naturally higher if the same symbols land on the rest of the reels.

Jurassic Park™ comes with a slew of casino bonus features, guaranteed to excite and push up those winning possibilities. There’s a random T-Rex Bonus, which as the name suggests, can occur at any point. The Amber symbol – the one with the mosquito embedded in it is the one that leads to the mega dinosaur feature comprising of 5 unique free spin casino bonuses. Each bonus is represented by a different dinosaur and while each one will grant 12 spins, the accompanying win-enhancing feature is what makes each bonus different. Initially these dinosaur bonuses will be randomly awarded but after players have entered the feature 25 times, personal selection will be allowed.

Jurassic Park™ Online Video Slots makes for an all rounds satisfying casino game. Loaded with excellent features, great graphics and surreal sounds, our players are sure to enjoy this slots title with its 8 000 coin jackpot reward just waiting to be won.