Aces and Faces Twists

The difference between Aces and Faces and other Video Poker games is that any combination of Ace and Face cards will earn you some kind of payout. Pairs of lower-value cards also tend to award a higher return than in some other game editions. These factors mean that Aces and Faces is amongst the most lucrative of Video Poker variations.

Power Poker Play

Power Poker simply refers to the Microgaming innovation of playing more than 1 hand of Video Poker at a time. You can choose to play anywhere between 4 and 100 hands at once, and your strategy doesn’t need to change at all. What does change is the amount that you are betting, and the amount that you stand to win.

No matter how many hands you’re playing , they’ll all display the same cards on your screen. You’ll be working from a sort of master set of 5 cards that are along the bottom of the screen, a little separate from the other hands. You choose which cards to keep and which to replace from this set.

The same bet is placed on all hands and the same cards are exchanged, but new cards are dealt to each hand from its own deck. Payouts are also calculated individually. As you can imagine, if you’re playing with 100 hands this can get incredibly lucrative!

All the action is happening at once so it can feel more overwhelming to lay Power Poker as opposed to regular Video Poker, but you actually don’t need to make any more strategy decisions that you do with a single hand. Use the same strategy tables to make the same intelligent decisions!