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Spin Palace Casino Blog

Lock A Luck: A New Online Slot Classic

Lock A Luck Logo; Spin Palace Blog

These days there’s an machine for everything, with crazy themes and hard-to-grasp mechanics. But if you’re looking to get back to the basics for some good old-fashioned slot-spinning fun, Lock A Luck might just be your lucky game. This bright new take on one of the most is an easy and fun game for anyone to play. So if you’re ready to take a few spins, you can find it at Spin Palace starting 12 November. A bright vision of a classic The first thing you’ll notice about Lock a Luck is how it draws you in with its bright colours, shining icons, and glittery animations. The design is a nod to the feel of a classic casino slot game, with flashing lights that add excitement to every turn. You’ll also feel yourself transported to an old-fashioned casino with the game’s soundtrack, which is an upbeat, jazzy tune that accompanies you as you play. You can almost hear coins tinkling in a retro Vegas casino as you win it big! This game was designed by ...Continue reading

9 Masks Of Fire Slot Game Sizzles

9Masks Logo; Spin Palace Blog

Cue the African drums as you prepare for a journey to a faraway land that you will never forget. Imagine the sun rising over a sweltering African jungle as you run down overgrown paths framed with jacaranda and baobab trees.  Monkeys squawk overhead as a lion’s fierce roar thunders in the distance. You are a bold explorer and the reason for your quest is clear. As soulful drumbeats fill your heart, your blood pulses with the intensity of striving for extreme jackpots and glittering treasure. Celebrate your primal need for fun and excitement with 9 Masks of Fire, scheduled for release October 16, 2019, right here at Spin Palace. This sizzling hot sensation and other are available at our . Sign up and play now! Designed as a tribute to African culture and as a way to honour your fiercely competitive spirit, 9 Masks of Fire comes to you from Gameburger Studios, in collaboration with Microgaming. These two gaming development companies have joined forces to bring you an ...Continue reading

How To Play Baccarat To Win, and Who Played It Best?

Improve your odds at baccarat by counting cards.

Baccarat is one of the world’s most classic casino games, delivering excitement with every hand. However, for many players, it’s hard to see where strategy comes in, so it might feel like a complete game of chance. If you want to become a master, though, you’ll be glad to know that there are some strategies to increase your odds. You’ll have to make smart bets, since baccarat gives players no control over the cards dealt. And with lots of historical multi-million dollar wins, there’s got to be something to it—read on to find out what. Bet smart Since the whole game revolves around choosing your bets wisely, the first step to upping your baccarat game is to understand how the game works and know your odds. You have the choice to bet on the player’s hand (44.62% chance of winning), the banker’s hand (45.85% chance of losing), or a tie (9.53% chance), with the banker having a slight statistical advantage. Without considering ties, ...Continue reading

Looking For An Instant Casino Payout?

E-wallets put your winnings in your pocket

You may play in a mobile casino just for the love of the game, but chances are you’re also in it for the winnings. Playing casino games online is a great way to earn money, but it can sometimes be confusing or frustrating when it comes time to actually withdraw the money you’ve earned. If you’re like many players, you’re looking for an instant or , so here are some tips on the quickest, most secure ways to withdraw your winnings. The fastest method: e-wallets E-wallets have been used since the early days of online gambling. They’ve become one of the because they’re a fast and reliable way to access winnings from your favourite online casino. You’ll need an account through an e-wallet service like Neteller or Skrill. Accounts are easy and fast to set up, so there aren’t additional delays in the process. There are also shorter wait times for your money to be deposited: with e-wallets, you will generally only have to wait for 24 ...Continue reading

A Dark Matter Story Slot Review


Gaming software giant Microgaming has made a noteworthy reputation for itself based on producing slot games that tell stories or are based on distinct themes. A Dark Matter is yet another story-inspired slot game developed to enrapture gamers and slot lovers. Designed through collaboration by Slingshot Studios and Microgaming, this Victorian era title tells the story of a dark mystery enshrouded by small town England charm. With potential wins up to 1200x in the base game and 2400x with the free spin feature, you will find it easy to step into the unfolding tale as you become the hero of your own story while helping the residents of Stonehurst decode the unsettling mystery taking place in their village. Due for release on October 22, 2019, Spin Palace is excited to add this slot game to our selection of online . Stop by our virtual casino and check out A Dark Matter after reading this review of gameplay, features, and design details. It Was a Dark Time, Long Ago… If you ...Continue reading

Deco Diamonds Lead To Sparkling Wins

Deco Diamond Deluxe, Spin Palace blog

Magically step into the Roaring Twenties with Deco Diamonds Deluxe, a new slot game from Just For The Win (JFTW) and Microgaming. Filled with glitzy graphics, high-rolling prizes, and old school fruit symbols, this fun game will transport you to nonstop adventure. You will experience the chance to combine the thrill of simulating real old slot machines with the classy, swanky atmosphere of the 1920s art and culture. Set to arrive October 9, 2019, at , you can play this slot and our other casino games when you sign up for our online services. Every month at Spin Palace we get the chance to allow our customers to enjoy new releases from Microgaming, a well-known gaming software developer, and collaborating studios. This title is the latest in the slot games that Microgaming deploys. Discover the basic gameplay and layout of Deco Diamonds with this review. Put on your zoot suit and getting ready to do the Charleston! Diamonds Are a Gambler’s Best Friend Deco Diamonds springs ...Continue reading

What Are Old Child Actors Doing Now?

The famous house from Mrs Doubtfire.

Many big Hollywood movies call for children to be cast in them. So many films are aimed at a family market nowadays that children are often the central characters. This means that Hollywood's directors and casting agents are always on the lookout for talented kids who can not only act but also add a little bit of stardust to the project in hand. Certainly, there have been a number of child actors who have gone on to become big stars in adulthood. For others, a career outside of the big screen has been more desirable. Whether they have wanted to continue in show business or not, the lottery of life has meant that it hasn't always been possible for child stars to continue acting. Life can often be as random as the roll of a ball when playing  – it just depends on the breaks you get as an actor. Read on to find out about the various careers of some child actors you are bound to remember from their time as stars. Mara Elizabeth Wilson Best known for her role as ...Continue reading

Top 7 Traditional Finnish Foods

three plated Finnish sandwiches featuring salmon, crayfish, rye bread, and vegetables

Whether you love to travel or just enjoy learning about different countries, Finland is a good one to have in your sights. Located in Northern Europe, Finland may not be as popular because it is expensive and difficult to access from other parts of Europe. However, those who love Finland know that one of Finland’s greatest attributes is the food. Helsinki, Finland’s capital city, is also known as Scandinavia’s food capital. If you want the best Scandinavian food experience, head straight to Helsinki. Also known for night life and land-based casinos, you could plan a fulfilling vacation to this city. While you are surfing the web for information on Finland or planning your itinerary, try some mobile from Spin Palace to get in an adventurous mood. For now, let us tantalize your taste buds as you dream of visiting Finland by sharing with you seven of the top . You’ll drool over these dishes faster than you can say “cloudberry.” Lohikeitto ...Continue reading

Get Ready To Swash Your Buckle! The Boom Pirates Exclusive Arrival At Spin Palace Is Coming Soon

Boom Pirates Logo

Boom Pirates are set to run aground at Spin Palace’s ! Stop by and check out this exciting, exclusive game release from . Developed in collaboration with Foxium, this explosive new slot game promises to let you plunder and swashbuckle your way to big winnings and fast-paced action. The rest of the cyber-gaming world has to wait until the official live date of October 2, 2019, but you get first dibs on setting sail with this pirate crew. Focusing on story-based gameplay, this slot takes you on a fully animated adventure, putting you right in the middle of the action. New features like Wonderways™ and Foxify™ help you rake in the treasure as you get deeper into the reel-spinning fun, giving you the opportunity to win up to 4,000 times your total bet. Parrot? Check. Cutlass? Check. Climb Aboard and Join the Crew Who hasn’t dreamed of the pirate’s life? Now you can join these salty pirates as they attack merchant ships to revel in the gold and ...Continue reading

Book Of Oz Lock ’N Spin Set To Unleash Its Magic In September

Book of Oz Lock ‘n Spin Logo

Grab your courage, your heart, and maybe your little dog, too, and follow the Yellow Brick Road to your own Great and Powerful winnings with this new game from Triple Edge Studios. Partnered with slot gaming giant Microgaming, the studio has gone over the rainbow to bring you a fantastic new title. Scheduled to go live on September 24, 2019, Spin Palace, your premier , is excited to offer this magical sequel to 2018’s Book of Oz Respins. Once again, you’ll join the Wizard and his Book on a colourful, fast-paced adventure packed with free spins, second chances, and a new exciting feature – Locking Reels. If you love the Wizard of Oz and have an equal appreciation for big potential wins and satisfying slots, this game is for you. Welcome to the Riches of Emerald City The Book of Oz Respins was a bestseller from Triple Edge Studios. Now, they have outdone themselves with this new sequel, complete with enhanced features and graphics. The titular new feature from ...Continue reading

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