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Benefits of VR Gaming

When talking about virtual reality the ‘wow’ factor is instantly triggered. Being transported to Mars instantly, simply by putting on a pair of goggles? What else can you say but “wow!”? Taking a virtual tour of the Grand Canyon, and feeling like you’re actually there? “Wow!” It is all very impressive, and a person could all but go a bit potty thinking about the potential and implications. After all, who wouldn’t like to tour the Eiffel Tower without paying a fare?

But then, virtual reality was designed for more than just interesting tours of amazing places, although that certainly is a benefit. Virtual reality was also designed to make playing games a whole new experience. An experience so real that your brain could be fooled into believing the world you are seeing is a real one. One cannot overlook one simple question, however. What are the actual benefits of virtual reality, as far as playing games, specifically casino games, is concerned?

Designed For Practical Application

Let’s get a little practical for a moment, and strip this situation down to the bare reality. If you look at the design of game pads for consoles, for example, you will realise very quickly that they have been designed for maximum comfort and convenience. Console controllers were not always like this; they have evolved to this stage over decades.

When the first consoles were released the idea of twin thumb sticks was a fantasy, since developers could not imagined how they would be useful. Today, however, with modern games being what they are, the twin thumb stick design makes perfect sense. The point to take from this is simple; twin thumb sticks are very obviously beneficial to playing games. So what, then, will virtual reality actually add to a game, say online roulette, which it is not already doing perfectly well?

Virtual Reality Space Utilisation

One thing that virtual reality does incredibly well is create and utilise digital space. You can’t deny that the screen of a mobile phone has its limitations, and although casino games have been designed to make use of a small screen well, there can still be a bit of a restriction in terms of how much you can actually see. In the virtual world screen size is not a problem. In fact, you have as much space as you could ever want.

If sitting at a virtual roulette wheel you will be able to simply look down and see what your current balance is. You will also be able to simply look at the betting table, and even lean over it for a better view. The roulette wheel is off to your left, and you can simply turn your head and see exactly what is happening with the white ball. In other words; virtual reality is in another league altogether in comparison to a mobile phone screen. They are literally worlds apart.

Interaction In The Virtual World

Interacting with the virtual world is a little trickier than simply looking around, depending on how you are choosing to control the game. In the case of the HC Vive and other devices that use motion-tracking handsets, placing a bet in roulette would be a case of pointing and pressing a button. The convenience might not be exactly the same as tapping a betting option on a phone, but the experience is certainly a great deal more immersive. You will feel like you are at a real roulette table.

If you’re using a VR set that doesn’t have anything as fancy as motion controllers, you’ll likely need to use a standard game handset. This might not be as immersive as motion handsets, but is certainly about as convenient as tapping the options on a touchscreen.

Amazing Experiences

In other words, the biggest benefits of virtual reality are the amazing perspective it provides on the game worlds. Don’t just play online roulette; be part of the world, live inside the game. Some may argue that this isn’t objectively better than simply looking at the game on a screen, but this is likely because they haven’t experienced VR, and felt how much more immersive it makes the game playing experience, and how easy it is to see everything.

As far as interaction with the game world goes, the advancements won’t be as mind blowing as the visual aspect, but those with motion controllers will probably have a grand old time manipulating a virtual roulette game with their hands.

So, as far as virtual reality game playing goes, the benefits can be broken down like this:

  • Highly immersive game play experience
  • As much digital space as you could ever hope for
  • Unique and easily adjustable perspective on the game world
  • Immersive interaction experience for motion tracker handset users
  • Equally as convenient interaction with the world for game pad users
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