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Better Blackjack Betting for Beginners

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Better Blackjack Betting for Beginners

It is a well-known fact that blackjack is one of the most popular online casino games around, largely due to the game offering some of the best odds. That being said, the odds are not a guarantee that players will win. Beginners are likely to lose far more than those who have adopted successful strategies that largely lie with smarter betting.

Finding the best betting strategy for you to achieve the best odds of blackjack here at Spin Palace is key to a more successful game. It is vitally important that the betting strategies are understood as each ultimately works best under a certain set of circumstances. Each hand dealt is an entirely new game and beginners must understand that any one strategy may not work for every game.

**A Guideline for Better Betting Strategies **

Beginners can benefit from utilising these guidelines:

Progressive betting strategies are not science. There is no guarantee that after a few positive hands you will win again. Never raise your bet being under the impression that you are bound to continue winning on a winning streak.

  • If you hold a soft 17, which is an ace and a six card, consider doubling down as there is a strong chance of winning. Worst case scenario with this hand is landing a five card and thus holding a value of 12.
  • Holding a hard 17 means no ace card is present and cannot alternate as a value of one. It is best to hold on this hand as the chances of going bust are high.
  • If you are dealt a 10 or an 11 hand, you are literally holding a hand with some of the best odds. Doubling down is a good option here unless you hold a 10 and the dealer has an ace or a 10 card or you are holding an 11 and the dealer is holding an ace.
  • If you hold a nine and the dealer holds a card from three to six, consider doubling down. If the dealer holds any other card your odds are against you as the dealer has a better chance of reaching 21 before you do.
  • Do not double down on an eight or lower hand. Anything can happen with this hand and as the game unfolds it can equally lead to a positive outcome or a negative outcome.
  • Holding either a pair of eights or a pair of aces is a special hand associated with the well-known term “aces and eights”. Identical cards are usually allowed to be split on the first hand. Holding either of these identical cards should almost always be split. The reason being is that two eights equal 16 which is not a good number to win with. There is a greater chance of winning with two separate eights. An ace is a great card to hold as it prevents the hand from exceeding 21. Splitting aces will give you two good chances of winning a hand.

Know Your Betting Strategy Well

In order to play blackjack successfully you will need a good betting strategy based on the odds of winning. Each hand can be examined closely before making a decision to double down or not but ultimately following proven guidelines does help.

No betting strategy should be based on hunches or pure luck, as blackjack is a game with serious odds that shape the outcome of the game. Smarter betting leads to larger wins and not necessarily an increase in the number of hands won. This is a good thing, as the long-term goals of winning are increased tremendously.

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