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Why Blackjack is a Game of Strategy

Casino News

Blackjack is one of the world's most popular gambling games.

Source: Senior Airman Felicia Juenke

There are two elements to any successful game of blackjack. Luck is one of them, because neither you nor the dealer has much control over how well-shuffled cards are dealt.

The other element is strategy, because there are only so many cards in decks used in the classic game. This means you can learn how to play the hands you’re dealt against the dealer’s hand in ways that improve your chances of winning.

A Closer Look at Blackjack Strategy

Eight decks of cards are used in many blackjack games. When the cards have been shuffled, a blackjack, which is a hand worth 21 points, will be dealt on average every 22 hands.

Given that there is a specific number of cards used, the number of combinations in which cards will appear is limited. Sure, the number is huge, but it’s still limited.

It’s precisely this reason that card counters can count cards to try beat the game. Don’t worry; we’re not suggesting that you start counting cards.

What you can do, though, is to learn some of the strategies based on the odds of certain cards turning up when the dealer reveals the hole card. Blackjack strategy is a way of working with the odds, rather than against them.

An old blackjack calculator from the 1970s.

Source: Joe Haupt

Blackjack Strategies to Get You Started

If using blackjack strategies to improve your game sounds good to you, here are a few strategies to get you started. Most of these are based on the combined total of the cards in your hand.

Stand, or play your hand as it was dealt to you when your total is at 13 or more points and the dealer’s card is a two or three; or when your total is 12 or more and the dealer’s card is a five or a six; or when your total is 17 or more and the dealer’s card is a seven or higher.

Hit, or take another card, when your hand total is eight or less. Regardless of what the dealer’s card is, you should always try improve on a low total.

Double, or double your bet and take another card, if your cards are worth a combined 10 or 11 points. If you choose to Stand with 10 or 11 points, there’s a good chance the dealer’s hand will beat yours.

Split eights and Aces, and consider splitting twos, threes, sevens, and nines. Don’t be tempted to split fives and 10s.

Come play blackjack with us, and find out if you can improve your game with these great strategies now!

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