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How Castle Builder II Changes Slots Gaming

Casino Games

The digital and mobile revolutions have changed the way we live. From how we communicate to how we shop, and from how we bank to how we engage with news about the world around us.

It was only a matter of time before those potent forces changed the way we play online slots, and, thanks to Microgaming and Austria-based Rabcat Gaming, that time is now.

The respected software developers debuted Castle Builder II, a new slot, at ICE Totally Gaming 2017 in February. Unlike any slot seen or played before, it bridges the gap between the thrilling video slot experience and social media.

We could go as far as saying that Microgaming has created a slot that strays quite comfortably into the territory of skills-based gaming.

The innovative game comes at just the right time, as recent surveys into players’ gaming habits have revealed that the majority of players that fall into the millennial generation are dissatisfied with traditional casino games, and prefer skills-based games much like the video games they grew up playing.

Microgaming is justifiably proud of the sequel to the original Castle Builder slot, and has very high hopes for it. The developer’s games publisher, David Reynolds, said he expects Castle Builder II to be a huge success, as it features more castles, kingdoms, and characters than the original game.

Reynolds added that the engaging game gives players the opportunity to embark on adventures and build fine castles, thereby extending the life cycle of the game. Indeed, it is a far cry from traditional slot machines.

A Closer Look at Castle Builder II

Castle Builder II features online slots gameplay that can only be described as unique, although we are sure that you can expect many more video slots with a similar format in the future.

The game has five reels, and features various levels that players need to access. You can choose between two different avatars, each of which has a unique storyline enhanced with special features, and you can unlock a special third avatar as you progress through the game’s levels.

You can interact with more than 300 characters in 15 different kingdoms, and, true to the name, you will also need to build 75 castles. To build the castles and access various prizes and features as you do so, you will need to collect various building materials in the various kingdoms by spinning the Castle Builder II reels.

The reels are also your key to winning experience points, to move through the levels, and to trigger various achievements.

The game also features a cup challenges system. The system could see you earn special trophies that can help your avatar in the game.

Castle Builder II Gameplay

When playing Castle Builder II, your very first move is to select a builder avatar. You can choose between Mandy, a young and inexperienced builder that comes with free spins, and Sam, and older builder whose craftsmanship sees him reap bigger rewards.

When you have chosen your avatar, you will be taken to the game map. You can then choose a kingdom in which to begin your work of building castles.

You will need to spin the reels to collect iron ore, stone, brick, and wood with which to build your castles. When you have filled a rack with the symbols you collect, your avatar will build a section of the castle, which needs to be ready for a royal wedding at which you could receive bonus prizes.

There is no doubt about it – Castle Builder II has the potential to revolutionise the way in which we play online slots.

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