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Spin Palace Casino Blog

World’s Most Beautiful Beaches

Oahu beach, Hawaii; Spin Palace Blog

Who doesn’t love the beach and relaxing after a long, hard year at the office on a well-deserved holiday? Today, we have decided to bring you a story about twelve most beautiful beaches in the world, to help you plan your next vacation! And, of course, with views like this, you should take a break from the gaming, and spend a day in the sun and relax in the waves. So, here’s a list of each of the beaches. 1.Sunset Beach, Oahu, Hawaii The Sunset Beach is probably one of the best places in the world for watching big wave surfing in winter. However, in summer, the water here is as calm as a lake, which makes it a perfect place for snorkelling. The sunsets here are truly spectacular, and if you you just might be able to watch the beautiful evening views directly from your balcony! 2.Banana Beach, Koh Hey (Coral) Island, Phuket, Thailand Banana Beach is gorgeous, with the backdrop of ridiculously green jungle, and filled with crystal clear water. It’s actually a ...Continue reading

Seven Reasons Behind The E-Book Phenomenon

E-book; Spin Palace Blog

Reading has undergone a massive paradigm shift over the last couple of decades following the advent of the internet, e-books and perhaps most importantly, e-readers. Today, you can literally walk around with hundreds, even thousands of e-books inside compact . And when you get tired of reading, these e-readers can be used to surf the web, check email, and even play games. However, the appeal of e-books and e-readers are not limited to just the above factors. There are several other functional and logistical reasons behind their surge in popularity. Multifunctionality of E-books As alluded to earlier, e-book readers are highly versatile devices. Modern e-readers are sometimes as powerful as tablets and smartphones. You can listen to music, engage in social media banter or visit an online Casino or two while commuting on the bus or train. Heck, you can even install shopping or banking apps on these devices instead of using your tiny smartphone. Easy on the Eyes Modern ...Continue reading

Tips For Smartphone Use While Travelling

Plane wing; Spin Palace Blog

Recently, we shared an article with you about the rise mobile usage, and we all know that a smartphone is one of the most powerful tools in a traveller’s arsenal. Today, we have decided to share with you some of the best tips for using your mobile phone on the road, and some of the best ‘traveller’s’ smartphones. After all, most modern websites are coded to include mobile-friendly pages, which makes them ideal for gaming at your favourite . Can you imagine a time when people didn’t have mobiles when they went travelling? Paper maps (which had to be bought and sometimes weren’t accurate), having to carry heavy camera just to take snapshots, having to buy film (and process it later), not being able to contact emergency services when required… It must have been very difficult! So if you are going to hit the road, it would be good to decide whether you will need the phone for . We have collected a list of our best phone picks for travelling ...Continue reading

Brilliant Platform Gamifying Language Learning!

Duolingo promo; Spin Palace Blog

Recently, we shared an article with you about travelling, and for a successful and smooth journey, it’s a good idea to speak at least a little bit of the language spoken in the country of your destination. And while you are taking a break from your hard work learning the language, why not treat yourself to a quick game at your favourite ? About Duolingo is the new language learning platform, widely touted as “the best new way to learn a language”. It turns boring learning-by-rote on its head, and makes learning fun and addictive. The principle of it is gamifying knowledge – you will have an avatar, earn points for correct answers, play little games within the platform to race the clock and improve. Language learning website & App Each lesson is structured like a fun, easy short game. The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, or , making it very versatile. You can then play the game at a bus stop, during your morning commute or while ...Continue reading

The Five Cheapest European Capitals to Visit 2019


Which European Capital Cities Offer the Best Value for Money? According to Wanderu's analysis of the travel experiences of visitors to various European capitals, some of the most expensive you could choose to go to include London, Paris and Dublin. Reykjavik, Amsterdam and Copenhagen are also towards the top of the list. Unsurprisingly, Monaco - with its world-famous casino - is also at the more expensive end of the spectrum. For the more frugal traveler, who might enjoy games at an online casino rather than mixing it with the high rollers at Monaco's roulette tables, which European capitals offer more bang for your buck? Read on to discover more about five of the best options. 1.Belgrade Source: Wikimedia - Vlada Markinovic The capital of Serbia, Belgrade is widely regarded as an up-and-coming city which offers plenty of new attractions as well as an Old World feel ...Continue reading

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