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City Slicker DIY Gardening Tips


Growing your own DIY garden Source: Pixabay

If you live in the city, you probably have something that is supposed to be a garden, but that might just look like a nice patch of dirt, perfect for insects to congregate in, and weeds to grow.

A professional with green fingers could likely turn that patch of bug-infested dirt into a miniature paradise. But let’s face it; hiring those capable of dirt patch transformation is not cheap. Your choices are then as follows; you could hit an online casino, land a jackpot and fork out for a professional landscaper. Or, you could read on and learn a few DIY tips that might just make all the difference.

Layering Planters

When it comes to gardening, city folk need to take a good, long look in the mirror and face a serious fact. There is just not much space to go around. It is the duty of the city dweller, therefore, to make the most of all available space, for maximum effect.

In terms of gardening, making the most of space isn’t as hard as you might think. A good place to start is layering planters. Since there is not much room in the horizontal space, making use of the vertical space is a sneaky trick that will make all the difference. Find a nice, sturdy base, and build upwards, adding smaller planters on top. You can choose plants that trail down over each other too, like Ivy or Jasmine, and this can create a wonderful effect.

Hanging Plants

Speaking of vertical space, don’t forget that there is plenty room at head height. Plants, hardy things that they are, really don’t care if the soil they spread their roots in is actually attached to the ground. So, sneaky gardeners will take full advantage. Delicious Monsters, Ferns and Geraniums all do well in hanging baskets. And, if you don’t like the idea of baskets, you can always opt for air plants that you can hang up with no pot or soil required.

Things to keep in mind are as follows. Firstly, some plants will get too big for hanging planters, and become a problem. Choose your airborne vegetation wisely. Secondly, hanging plants in positions likely to collide with heads is a bad idea!

Planting and preparing a garden Source: Pixabay

Think Smaller

Not only are plants okay with being airborne, some will even live happily in spaces the size of a bowling ball. Again, by being smart with your plant choice, a wise city gardener can make magic with something the size of a jar, and the least claustrophobic plants available.

Arrangements of this kind can bring life to just about any garden, assuming that you’re smart enough to juggle your limited space wisely. Just remember; plan first, and plant later. Rushing into gardening can be a recipe for disaster.

Succulents do really well in small glass jars or containers, so if you have limited space, why not opt for a few rows of these little plants? As an added plus, they don’t need much water either.

Get Creative with Recycling

Take that empty wine crate that has been cluttering up your kitchen, dump some soil in it, plant a selection of herbs or other plants and you have an up-cycled planter. Parsley, chives, or Rosemary are all easy to grow and can be used for cooking too.

Aside from wine crates, there are plenty of other items that can do the same job, including the aforementioned jars, old tins, and just about any other container you no longer need. Preparing such containers by removing labels is all that is really required. As well as, of course, a basic understanding of how to layer soil in freestanding containers, and how to ensure there is adequate drainage.

See how easy it is to make your garden that little bit greener? Now you know how, go for it; but don’t forget to water your plants!

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