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Why Craps Is A Casino Favourite

Why Craps Is A Casino Favourite

Everyone who knows anything about casino games knows that craps is a firm favourite. In fact, so popular is craps that it has had a pretty significant impact on popular culture. You will likely have seen characters in movies and television series playing the game, with wide-eyed and baited breathed actors waiting in anticipation as the dice are thrown. The landing of the dice can result in explosive cheers, or disheartened groans; such is the power of dice in the popular game of craps.

You might also be interested to know that the term snake eyes originated in craps. Yes, it is used to refer to just about anything negative these days, but go back a few decades and you’ll find the origin in a pair of dice. The term refers to, of course, two dice coming up with ones. A bad sign in a game of craps, and now a bad sign in culture universally. Again; such is the power of a pair of dice in the game of craps. But what exactly makes craps such a popular game, and how has it become one of the most universally loved casino games in the world?

Simple Rules, Great Fun

One of the major appealing factors of craps is that it has very simple rules. Pretty much anyone can pick up the dice and start rolling, without the lengthily learning curve seen in other games, such as poker. Yes, poker is very much a skill-based game, which is great, but those skills don’t develop overnight. Sometimes a casino game player wants to be able to jump right into the action, and they can certainly do that with craps.

For those not familiar, craps works in the following fashion;

  • The dice roller, or shooter, has an initial roll.
  • If the shooter rolls a 2, 3, or 12, it is an instant “don’t pass,” or loss.
  • A roll of 7 or 11 is an instant “pass,” or instant win.
  • If the shooter rolls neither of these, but instead rolls 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10, this is established as the point number.
  • The shooter must now roll a combination of that number again before 7 in order to “pass,” or win. They are pretty straightforward rules, and virtually anyone can pick them up with just a brief explanation.

Everyone Can Play

Craps is not just played by the shooter. Anyone who is present at the table can make a bet on the shooter’s throw, creating a wonderfully exciting group activity. The shooter is the point of focus for a whole table, and instantly feels bonded to the people around him. Not many casino games have this effect, since generally the other players at the table are seen as opponents. Craps is unique in this way, making it a massively appealing game.

It should be noted that the other players do not have to necessarily bet on the shooter “passing.” It is possible to bet on the “don’t pass” option, which banks on the shooter “crapping out,” or rolling a 2, 3, or 12, as said above. Either way, onlookers are participating in a game that they are not directly involved in, which is guaranteed to make an exciting game, one way or another.

Speed Is Key

Another key appeal of craps is that it is a very rapidly played game. In fact, it is the game with the fastest turnaround time in both real world and online casinos. Although it should be noted that online craps can be played at the speed the user prefers. As a group activity, however, there is hardly a faster and more action packed casino game. Each round lasts literally seconds, and the payoff is a blast of excitement, or disappointment, every single time. To put it bluntly; craps is an adrenalin junkies dream come true.

Rounds of poker can take minutes, and the game in general has a thoughtful, tense atmosphere. Players can often be seen demonstrating their best poker faces, which is great if you enjoy that type of game. Take a look at the craps game, however, and you’ll likely see players jumping up and down for joy, or sharing a disheartened groan.

Good Odds

Not only is craps fast paced and exciting, it also happens to be one of the most fair casino games available. The house edge in the pass bet, and don’t pass bet, are extremely generous, coming in at just 1.36%, and 1.40%. This doesn’t mean you have a 99% chance of winning, of course, there is still the matter of deciding between the two bets, but in terms of casino games craps is a highly generous affair.

Consider that the house edge in roulette on an American double zero wheel is a rather heavy 5.25%, and you understand why craps is often preferred by casino game veterans.

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