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eSports Betting Explained

eSports Betting Explained

Betting online has been the norm for some time now, which stands to reason, given the enormous convenience of being able to place sports bets from virtually any device that has an Internet connection. For some, however, sports betting is still a new, uncharted experience, and there can be some confusion if you do not understand how it all works. eSports, for example, has attracted a whole new type of person into the sports betting scene, and there may be some who still don’t know exactly how it all works.

For those unfamiliar, eSports are video games that are played on a professional level. There are a number of games that may be played, and those who play them are considered to be professional video game players. Some of the genres of games that may be played are; one versus one fighting games, team first person shooters, and real time strategy games.

Each genre of a game is fundamentally different at its core, and requires a very specific set of skills, and, therefore, each genre of game tends to be populated by players who focus on being the best on their specific genre. As of late, placing bets on eSports has become popular, with bet making options very similar to standard sports betting. Let’s look at eSports betting in more detail.

eSports Genres In Detail

It’s first important to understand the genres of games in more detail. Team first person shooter games are the most popular eSports genre. First person shooters offer incredibly fast paced, action packed rounds, but still have room for deep strategy and a tactical approach. There are a number of different types of games that can be played in the first person shooter genre, including capture the flag, domination, and capture and defend.

Real time strategy games a great deal more slow paced than first person shooters, with the focus very squarely on approaching the game from a tactical angle. A real time strategy game may go on for some time, with an explosive finale that has spectators jumping up from their chairs. Real time strategy games, such as Starcraft, started the eSports scene, and remain a firm favourite even today.

One versus one fighting games are the fastest paced eSports game available, with rounds that can last just a few seconds. The best players master a character available in the chosen game, and go toe to toe against an opponent, who will likewise have mastered a favourite character. Spectators of one versus one fighting games are known to be the loudest and most excitable, with some live tournaments even putting the players in sound proof cases, so that they may focus on the game without being distracted by cheering fans.

eSports Betting Options

As with all sports betting, the focus of eSports betting is about offering a risk versus reward situation. If an eSports player, or team, has a reputation of dominating at a certain game, and that player or team is going up against an opponent that is not likely to win, the odds of the more experienced player or team winning will be higher. This, therefore, means that a bet on this player or team to win will result in very little payout, unless the bet is exceptionally high.

For example, a player who is likely to win against an underdog may be given odds of 1:2. This means that the payout is even money. Or, to be more specific, if a bet of $10 dollars is placed, the payout will be the initial $10 back, plus an extra $10. The payout is low, given that the player is very likely to win.

If, however, a bet was placed on the underdog, the odds might be a more substantial 1:10. This means that a bet of $10 would result in a payout of $100. This is good money, given that the bet is a risky one. The player is not likely to win, which means that the payout should reflect the risk involved. In other words; everyone loves the underdog for a really good reason, namely that the payouts will put a smile on everyone’s face.

Group Bets and Combo Bets

In the case of an eSports tournament, group betting options, or combination betting options, might be possible. The option may be given to bet on a specific team to be winners of the tournament, or on a group of teams. If any of the group bet on win, or place at least second or third, payouts may still be applicable.

In this case the bet maker may select a favourite team to win the entire tournament, and will get an extra large payout if this occurs, but may still get a small payout even if the favourite team comes second or third. The betting options offered would be dependent on the online bookmaker used, so it is a good idea to visit a few bookmakers and see what betting options are available.

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