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Exploring The Future of Gambling

Casino Games

It is human nature to speculate about what the future may hold, although this is also often an act in futility, especially where technology is concerned. Given the astonishingly rapid rate at which technology advances, trying to foresee where it may be, even in a few years time, can be extremely difficult. Who, after all, could have imagined utilising touchscreen mobile phones when playing online casino games just a few decades ago?

Either way, it is still fascinating to take a look at current developments in technology, and see how they are likely to unfold. In the online casino world there are a number of new technological advancements happening at this very moment. Let’s take a look at some of the more interesting ones.

A Tailor Made Online Casino Games Experience

Via deeply refined artificial intelligence, and data science, online casinos are hoping to offer every player at an online casino a deeply personalised experience. AI will use algorithms to determine your likes and dislikes, and online casino games and all their features will be adjusted accordingly.

Imagine logging on to an online casino, only to find that you have stepped into a digital world tailor made to your personal preferences. And no, not just in terms of your favourite games being front and centre, but each game seemingly designed from the ground up to suit your tastes. Poker games are graphically appealing in just the right way, slots games seem to have been created with you specifically in mind, and even the voice announcing your winnings at the roulette table is especially appealing.

It seems like a science fiction future, but is happening as we speak. And the prospects are intriguing to say the least.

Smart Automated Customer Support

Customer support centres are a key part of any online casino experience, and their importance should never be overlooked. Today, the best customer support centres are available, accessible via instant chat, and operated by trained casino staff. This system is, for the most part, excellent, with the only downfall being that there is still the risk of the staff member being overwhelmed, should there be more than a predicted amount of customers in need of support at any given time.

The solution to this dilemma is a completely automated customer support centre, driven by highly sophisticated AI. Yes, AI has fallen short of offering this sort of service in the past, often coming across as laughably artificial to a human, but times have changed. New AI systems have the ability to adapt rapidly, keep records of previous conversations, and otherwise be almost indistinguishable from a live chat.

AI Driven Problem Gambler Identification

Problem gambling is a challenge for all casinos, online and real world. The biggest issue is, in both platforms, spotting a problem gambler. In a real world casino, a croupier would try and spot a problem gambler manually, and offer to call them a ride home before the situation got out of control. In online casinos, obviously, this is not possible.

This is where problem gambler spotting software comes into play. AI is being used to spot potential problem gamblers, and BetBuddy has broken the mould and become one of the first programs that address this issue. This program could pave the way for many others, and has highlighted just how useful AI can be.

VR Casino Experience

Considered by many as the ultimate evolution of online casinos, VR is the future that many have thought would not be possible in this lifetime. It is possible, however, and already fully functional. VR casinos, when officially released, will offer players an incredible digital experience. Transporting them to a beautiful, social, interactive digital casino world.

Offering hundreds of online casino games, plus the ability to chat to other players, VR casinos are sure to take the world by storm.

These are just some of the trends set to become prevalent in online gambling, and as tech advances, there will always be others that follow.

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