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Gaming Personalities In the Spotlight

With the popularity of online casino games expanding rapidly, it stands to reason that there are thousands of newcomers. And, with a whole lot of newcomers to an industry, it also means that there a great deal of different new personality types getting involved. From those who obsessively play casino games on a daily basis, determined to get better, to those who have a few casual rounds every other week, the online casino world is full of interesting characters.

Whatever kind of casino game personality you happen to be is, of course, perfectly okay, since it takes all types to keep the world fascinating. It always pays to be able to laugh at yourself, however, so lets have a look at a few of the most common casino game playing personalities. See where you fit in.

Determined And Unstoppable

We all have that friend or hey, maybe its even you, who gets a little too obsessed. The kind of person who decides to take up jogging, and suddenly has to go out and buy the most expensive running shoes, the full kit reflector bands, sunglasses and pedometers. And, when you try getting hold of them, will be notified that they are currently jogging again, and are unable to take your call.

The same attitude tends to apply to everything in their life, including playing online casino games. This person will spend hours, even weeks studying the best casino game strategies, and may even phone you up to explain something new they’ve learned about online blackjack.

On the other hand, this is the sort of person who will almost certainly become a casino game playing prodigy. All that effort goes somewhere, and when the person logs into the online multiplayer casinos, the other players might just start sweating, based on a reputation the person has earned for being incredibly good.

The Casual Spinner

On the other end of the spectrum is the most casual player of them all. The type of person who is perfectly okay playing a casino game once every week or so, and couldn’t really be too concerned about doing any research on how best to play the games.

This person will randomly log into a casino, choose a game that seems sort of interesting, and perhaps spend an hour at most playing. They couldn’t be bothered even checking the betting limits on the table, and may even jump from game to game without any idea as to how to play.

The most interesting thing about these players is that they often tend to be weirdly successful in their casino game playing, walking away with jackpots that others only dream of. Being a casual player does have its advantages, one of them being that a casual player doesn’t get caught up in all the mind-bending strategy. And, as it turns out, this can sometimes be the key to success where casino games are concerned.

The Binge Player

The middle ground between the obsessive player and casual player, the binge player is a unique animal. You might find the binge player hitting the online casinos hard, to the point of absurdity, for anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. They will live, breath and eat casino games, to the point that others might start raising an eyebrow or two. Then, suddenly, they stop entirely for months at a time.

Others wonder where all the energy and excitement went, to which the binge player might simply respond that they are taking a break. Then, unexpectedly, they’re back at it, hitting the online casinos with fury. This is the pattern of the mysterious binge player.

Of course, what makes the binge player most unique is that they also tend to be amazingly good at casino games during the times they do play. And others might even wonder why they ever stop in the first place. The binge player couldn’t care less, however, as once the urge to play stops, so do they. It’s not about winning for the binge player, but about getting the thrill, while it’s still there.

The Sneak

Curiously, you may not even know that the sneak player is even playing casino games at all. You might see them on the phone every now and again, looking very engrossed in something. What it is, you have no idea, only to suddenly find out they are playing online casino games, maybe even in the middle of other social events. The sneak will never mention it though, because this is how they best operate. In the shadows.  Ask them about it, and they may even shrug and say they play every now an again. But don’t look now; there they are at their desk, looking like they’re sending a text message. But are they really…?

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