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Gift Ideas For Outdoor Enthusiasts


Gift Ideas For Outdoor Enthusiasts Source: Popular Science

The great outdoors is an amazing place. It offers fresh air and plenty of room to stretch your legs. As well as potential death in the form of venom spitting snakes, dehydration, sunburn induced cancer, or even the classic breaking an ankle and taking the long road to death, via thirst and starvation.

But despite those horrifying realities of the outdoors being an ever-present threat, you likely still have at least one friend who is obsessed with taking his life in his hands, and heading out into the green-hell every chance he gets. He’s explained that the outdoors is fun, healthy, and offers all the exercise you could ask for, but you’re just as happy to hit the gym, and not risk having to dig a parasite out of your arm with a pair of pliers.

Either way, when Christmas or Birthday time comes round, he’s still going to want a gift. So here are a few great ideas. Also, we’re just joking. The outdoors, whichever form you prefer, really are a great place to ground yourself, put off your mobile devices, and just let nature embrace you.

Joby GorillaPod

This little tripod is a truly fantastic little gadget. It nimbly wraps around just about anything, providing firm support for your camera, and allowing hands free recording. In this fashion you can speak to the camera and record your last days as you lie with broken leg in the wilderness. Hence, when your body is finally found, friends and loved ones will have your last days, recorded conveniently via camera and GorillaPod. Jokes aside, this really is an excellent little gadget for hands free recording.

Therm-A-Rest Compressible Pillow

Sleeping in the outdoors is extra fun, given that the majority of flesh eating carnivores and venom spitting snakes are nocturnal. Some seem to think that a flimsy tent will protect them, apparently unaware that bear claws will make short work of just about any fabric tents have been woven from. Still, you may be able to lull yourself into vulnerable sleep more quickly with this compressible pillow. Apparently the pillow packs small, and expands upon being unpacked. The carnivores will likely compliment you on it, before consuming you.

Camelback Hydration Pack

Upon inevitably getting lost in the wilderness and facing slow, horrifying death via thirst, you will wish to every deity you know that you had a Camelback Hydration Pack. It will keep you going for at least another day or two, which may just be the time you need to once again discover civilisation.

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Black Diamond Revolt Headlamp

When alone at night, stumbling about and recreating scenes from the Blair Witch Project, seeing a tree before slamming into it is desirable. The Black Diamond Revolt Headlamp is your best friend in that regard. It’s rechargeable via USB, which is excellent news when the nearest plug socket is in that gas station you passed on the road, fifty miles back.

ENO SingleNest Hammock

Many of the things that murder you in the outdoors slither or skitter close to the ground. This is why the ground must be avoided at all costs. This handy hammock puts a good bit of distance between you and the biting, stinging creatures that lurk at ankle level. Hammocks can also be repurposed to capture small animals as an emergency food source.

Goal Zero Solar Panel

Probably the most essential item on this list, this foldable solar panel is capable of getting your phone back to full charge in just an hour or two. So, when you’ve finally decided that the outdoors is best left to the monsters that lurk in the shadows, you have an escape route. Seriously, this really is a fantastic, must have gadget, and is a truly useful addition to any outdoor adventure.

Prepared For Adventure

Any of the gadgets on this list really would make a wonderful addition to the gear of any true outdoors enthusiast. Most are also surprisingly affordable, especially given how much they offer in terms of convenience. Good luck, and don’t forget the bug spray.

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