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Live Dealer Casino’s Progression

After online casinos exploded in the 1990's, they seemed to have replaced brick-and-mortar establishments for many players. The convenience of being able to play at any time, without having to travel anywhere, meant that players could enjoy casino games a lot more often than before, and many people got to play them for the very first time.

As popular as online casinos have remained, however, there was a growing number of people that missed the atmosphere, pace and interaction of live games. For all their many advantages and no matter how much technology improved or how realistic they became, online and mobile virtual casinos simply could not reproduce the feeling of a land-based casino authentically. That’s when live dealer casinos first started becoming popular.

The First Live Casinos

The current, and incredibly popular, wave of live dealer casinos is actually their second coming. The first real live dealer casino was launched in 1995, but its quality was so poor that the idea soon faded away. As technology has improved exponentially over the last few years, however, interest in live dealer casino games has been rekindled. With the unique experience of interacting with a real-life, trained dealer blended with the cost-effectiveness, convenience and other advantages of an online casino, live casinos met the needs of players more completely than ever before. They bridge the gap between the 2 platforms, and for many players this missing link is the best of both worlds.

Miracles of Modern Technology

Major improvements in video streaming technology and the blend of graphics and real-life footage have made authentic live dealer games possible. And these just keep getting better. Initially it was only possible to play live dealer games for a few hours a day at even the most advanced online casinos; today they can be played at almost any time.

The very first live dealer games to be offered commercially were Roulette games, and for a long time the only live dealer entertainments available at any online casino were Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat. This range has expanded a great deal, and now you can enjoy various Poker games, Keno and more on live dealer platforms.

It is now also possible for live dealers to work with many different players at many different casinos, all at the same time. This is a testament to the skill of the expertly trained dealers who make the cut onto your video feed, and means that you stand to get paid out more when you win a live dealer game. Blending animations and other graphic effects with live video has become more possible with the latest technological developments too, and now you can place your chips on Roulette and Baccarat tables in a way that feels very real too.

Special Features Improve

Since around 2006 live dealer gaming has been a major focus for several software developers, and they are all working on making their products the best by adding new game variations and enhancements to their line-ups. Creative editions of Roulette, featuring 2 wheels or 2 balls, are becoming more common, as is the opportunity to chat to other players and even play social games of Blackjack with them.

Live dealers are also able to speak a variety of languages these days, so that players can always enjoy the games in their mother tongue. You can also choose to play at high roller or regular live tables, giving you even more options. With live dealer games being as popular as they are, they are sure to just keep developing and improving. It’s exciting to imagine what the special features of the future will be!

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