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The Online Slots Autoplay Feature Explained

Autoplay is a nifty feature that lets you play online slots games much faster, and saves you time. The importance of this is that an online slot is a game of pure chance where very little skill is required, but one way to increase the odds of a win coming around is to play longer. The more you spin, the more opportunities you have for landing those life-changing combinations.

Pretty much all online slots at Spin Palace come equipped with an Autoplay feature and while it does help those wins to roll in faster, there are a couple of instances where you would not activate it.

Why You Wouldn’t Activate the Autoplay Feature

There are no major downfalls to playing with the Autoplay Feature activated, but the following instances certainly require you to either not activate the feature or to at least keep an eye on the slot game.

First of all, when you play with the Autoplay feature activated your bet level remains the same. Regardless of how many auto spins you select, you will be playing each of them with the same bet so if you are playing on the maximum bet keep an eye out before you run out of funds. Rather play on small bet levels if you have any intentions of reducing the size of your bet.

When you play with the Autoplay feature activated you also kind of miss out on a lot of the fun of online slots such as the suspense filled drama of manual spinning and waiting for the reels to form winning combinations.

How the Feature Works and Its Benefits

The Autoplay feature is pretty simple to activate. It is a control option that allows you to pre-set certain settings that essentially allow the online slot to play itself while you carry on with something else.

Many Autoplay features are found in Expert Mode but some offer a direct link to these settings by having a button to click on the control panel. The maximum number of auto spins is dependent on the slot itself but the general limit is 9 999 times.

There is a setting which can determine the time delay between each spin and the feature can be set to stop on certain instances that may occur such as hitting the jackpot, or any win and even triggering a bonus game.

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