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How to Play Slots on a Smartwatch

Slots are the ideal casino game to play using your smartwatch.

They do not feature complex controls and they don’t need much screen real estate. You can place wagers, spin the reels and claim prizes all with a few taps of your finger on the specially designed touch screen.

Smartwatch gaming is not for everyone as the interface can be a bit challenging to use if you have big hands, but it certainly is still fun to play for any casino fan with a smart watch.

With smartwatch slots you can enjoy real money play in a convenient, portable format and no one around you will be any the wiser! (They may just think you’re a bit obsessed at checking the time!)

Sign Up For Smartwatch Slots

The first requirement of smartwatch gaming is an online casino account. You won’t be able to play real money games unless you have a valid account.

Becoming a registered online casino member is a simple process that only takes a few minutes, and once you’re all signed up, you can play slots anytime, anywhere!

A Smartphone and Watch Pairing

A smartwatch by itself will not be enough to start real money gaming. You will also need a smartphone that is paired with the smartwatch.

Additionally the smartwatch will need to be running the same operating systems as the phone so for instance both devices must be running Android or iOS.

You will need your phone for the Internet connection as well as to manage your bankroll with deposits and withdrawals. Your smartwatch will primarily be used to control the game play.

**Master the Touch Screen Controls **

To place wagers and spin the slot reels, you will be using the smartwatches touch screen interface.

Again, even though smartwatch slots are loads of fun, they do require delicate and precise fingers to get the most computable playing experience.

You still have a great range of slot options to take advantage of and you still get the full casino experience, just on a smaller screen.

Truly Custom Software

It takes a lot of hard work from developers to design a fully compatible smartwatch game. There are fewer exclusive smartwatch titles than say would be available on other mobile hardware, but what is available is perfectly designed to blow you away and provide the best portable casino experience you can find.

Once you have paired your phone and smartwatch and gotten used to the touch screen controls, a unique and simple slot experience awaits you on your smartwatch.

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