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Politicians Who Play Well And Govern Well

Many desirable qualities of politicians can also be found in casino games. These include patience, strategic thinking and the ability to read opponents and make good judgements. Below are some well-known politicians who also enjoy a game of chance or two.

Well Known British Gamblers

The British Statesman, John Montague served in both state and military office in his lifetime between 1718 and 1792. He was an avid gambler, that didn’t do much for his reputation. He was a well educated Cambridge graduate, who during his long stints at card tables, would request servants bring him meat between two slices of bread. He also had the title of Earl of Sandwich and today is most well known for inventing....the sandwich!

Charles II was one of the most powerful people in the 1660’s after he succeeded in restoring power in Britain to the Monarchy. He was a very avid gambler and spent much of his days, and riches, on games of chance.

His love of gaming made it very fashionable and with some infamy, gambling became more popular and more widely accepted in Britain. This led to the eventual American colonists creating a culture of accepted gambling in America as well.

The American Presidential Players

Easily one of the most well known presidential players is Richard Nixon. He had a well-publicised reputation as an excellent poker player. Nixon developed his skills during his time in the Navy during World War 2. He won significant sums from his fellow officers and stated that a large portion of his campaign funding to get a seat in the House of Representatives was made up of his Poker winnings.

Another president who hones his skills during World War 2 was Dwight Eisenhower.  There are many stories that tell of not only of Eisenhower’s skill as a poker player, but also his great sportsmanship and his love of the game and not the money.

Other well-documented presidential poker players include Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman and Warren G Harding. If one story is believed, Warren Harding lost the Whitehouse china in a game of poker with staff members.

Politicians, at the end of the day, are human just like everyone else. They need diversions and ways to relax for their sake, their staff’s sake and their country’s sake. Many desirable traits can also be learnt at a card or roulette table so it is no wonder that political skill and gaming skill seem to go hand in hand.

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