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The Most Popular Casino Games Among Men

Casino News

Traditionally, casino gambling has always been considered the favourite pastime of men everywhere. With men dominating live poker, blackjack, and baccarat circuits, the casino has long been viewed as a man’s ultimate haven for relaxation and enjoyment.

With that said, we have news that might surprise you! A recent report has revealed that women bet much more than men while playing social casino games. The statistics include both casino games that involve other players and communal online casino games, making women the big spenders of the casino floor.

Research in Vegas Brings Interesting Results

This is a definite contrast to what we usually consider to be the norm. Pop culture and even films like the James Bond movies have featured men as casino high rollers while women observe. Yet, in a surprising twist of events, women are taking over in record numbers at both casino table games and slots machines.

Of course, this leaves an important question for men around the world. Which casino games are the most popular among men? Luckily, research in and around the casinos of Vegas and online has produced some interesting results. Read on to learn more about the most popular games for male players...

Live Blackjack Tables

Research done at the Blackjack tables of Vegas has revealed it to be the number one favourite casino game of men. At the tables being observed, there were a whopping 20 male players to every one woman! This suggests a definite preference for Blackjack when it comes to male players, and the dynamic nature of the game also creates a competitive environment that many men enjoy.

The researchers noted that men were able to make lightning-fast decisions at the tables, and enjoyed the fast paced action of live Blackjack. However, regardless of the decision making process, one thing is clear: men definitely love to play Blackjack!

Poker and Video Poker

Poker is another casino game that has a high proportion of male fans. Whether it’s Texas Hold’em, Caribbean Stud poker, or good old Three Card Draw poker, studies have shown that men hit the poker tables time after time.

With even Video Poker included in the list, men definitely outnumber women when it comes to playing this classic casino game. However, women are quickly catching up – but until they do, poker will remain the favourite casino game of men across the globe.

Men Dominate the Craps Tables

In the researchers’ observations at Vegas casinos, men also dominated the craps tables. There were many significant others standing around the tables for good luck, but it was ultimately the guys who were rolling the dice and raking in the winnings.

Craps is still an enigmatic game when it comes to the male and female divide, as the game also seems to be a favourite among women. With that said, men are flocking to the craps tables more than ever, and have been proven to be the highest rollers in this classic game.

Master Your Game at Spin Palace

The information gleaned by the researchers at Vegas has given us a great amount of insight into the games men love to play. The research suggests that men enjoy playing Poker, Blackjack and Craps far more than do the ladies – but this could change in a heartbeat too!

No matter who you are, we at Spin Palace have a wide range of real money casino games for you to try, including the favourite games of men everywhere. You can easily master your favourite game with our massive collection, and our blogs and tutorials will provide handy tips to make you the King of the Casino in no time.

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