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Practice & Casino Games – Why It’s Vital

Whilst it’s true that the very charm of many casino games is locked up in the fact that there is no need for any control or strategy – and we can simply let our hair down – it’s also a fact that we prefer winning to losing any day.  Even when playing games of pure luck, slot machine games being a great example, it’s still necessary to possess a basic know-how of how the machines work.  Not being familiar with the basics will only lead to frustration – and unnecessary frustration at that.

The developers of slot machine games have found a way to neutralise this frustration – by the wonderful way of free games and practice rounds.  Playing for free enables players to familiarise themselves with the workings of the machine and specific game before throwing any real money at the experiment.

Once the workings of the slot machine become clear – as well as the sequence of events following any particular action – it’s basically an effortless downhill all the way going forward.  This is however not the case with all casino games.  Some games require more than just putting the lever into first gear and going with the flow.  Games such as Blackjack and Poker, for example, require the mastering of certain skills in order to achieve a constantly successful outcome.

Skill Vs. Chance

The simplest way to tell a game of skill from a game of chance is to ask the following question:  is there a right way (or better way) and a wrong way (or less ideal way) to play this game?  If the answer is yes, it’s a game of skill, if in the negative; it’s a game of chance.

Games of chance yield completely random results.  Games of skill, on the other hand, are played using various strategies and a certain know-how concerning the application of the rules of the game, in order to achieve a certain outcome.  It’s important to remember that anyone can turn a game of skill into a game of chance by lacking the proper know-how.

Playing For Profit

Blackjack is played against the house – and as such, many believe that the very mechanics of the game sets players up for failure, with the house being the casino and the casino being a business.  This train of thought contains about as much logic as anyone being able to become an engineer, a successful doctor, or a master of every instrument that has ever been created.  The fact is: winning at Blackjack requires skill and a certain dedication to the game.  Not everyone will put in the effort required to master the skill.  This – not the fallacy that the house cannot be beaten – is the reason behind a thriving casino.

Given the right tools and knowledge – Blackjack can certainly be mastered and played successfully in the long run.

The same is true for Poker.  The difference being that Poker isn’t played against the house, but rather against your fellow Poker players.  All things being equal – the casino would have no reason to conspire against you, as you are not playing against the casino.  The casino also doesn’t ever stand to lose much during a round of Poker, as all of the money changing hands belongs to the players.  The casino merely scoops a bit of cream off the top in order to cover the overheads.

Practice – and a lot of it – is key when wanting to succeed at games of skill such as Blackjack and Poker.  As is the case with any other discipline, the more you practice, the better you become at it.

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