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The Slot That Hadn’t Paid in 20 Years

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Custom built for the opening of the MGM Grand casino resort, the Lion’s Share became the most famous slot in Las Vegas. It was a fairly standard machine with no particularly amazing bonus features.

What brought millions of players to its reels every year was the fact that it hadn’t paid out a jackpot in 20 years. The best part was that the jackpot kept growing, as the machine was a progressive slot.

It had three reels, and it cost players only $1 to spin them. That old slot saw five times more players than any other machine in the casino, and it became such a curiosity that even players who were devoted to table games tried their hand at it.

The Lion’s Share was the last of its kind. Initially, 50 slots stood on the casino floor. The difference is, they had all paid out several times, and were eventually replaced with new, better machines.

The MGM Grand couldn’t have got rid of the Lion’s Share, even if they wanted to. According to Nevada state law, casinos can’t get rid of a slot machine until it has paid out 75 per cent of the money bet on its reels by players.

Rumour has it that the slot attracted more people to casino than live shows by an international, best-selling singer, so we’re not sure the casino would have wanted to get rid of it.

What Happened to the Lion’s Share?

If you’ve already started making plans for a trip to Sin City for a shot at the Lion’s Share, we’re sorry to disappoint you.

On 22 August 2014, Walter and Linda Misco of New Hampshire took their places in front of the famous slot machine, spun the reels, and, lo and behold, it paid out its incredible $2.4 million jackpot.

Walter told the casino authorities that he’d been more interested in the slot machine than in winning the jackpot. He then asked them if he could keep the slot machine.

The authorities were more than happy to oblige. Due to various state laws about transporting and owning slot machines, the Lion’s Share wasn’t able to join the Miscos for a New Hampshire retirement.

However, it could go to their holiday home in Fort Myers, Florida. Casino representatives said they thought it was the perfect place to go after a long, legendary career.

Thankfully, our progressive online slots don’t wait 20 years to pay out their phenomenal jackpots. Spin the reels at our casino now!

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