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3 Books You Must Read To Have A Successful 2019

The secrets to success are not really secrets at all. Many of the world’s most successful and influential business leaders, entrepreneurs and those in public life have shared their personal recipes for success in books. And whether you’re looking for advice on personal management, investment wisdom and much more, here are three books to help you achieve your own professional or personal goals.

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1. How To Win Friends and Influence People

Though it has been on the market since 1937, Dale Carnegie’s classic take on relationships has stood the test of time. Many still believe there is no better guide covering the essential principles of dealing with people, and the author’s ideas are the foundation of much modern-day best practice in personal development and business management environments. Don’t be put off by seemingly calculating chapter headings such as ‘12 ways to win people to your way of thinking’. Carnegie makes it crystal clear to the reader that any approach must always be genuine. So Carnegie’s methods won’t work unless you are prepared to be honest and authentic – therefore manipulation should not be your goal. What the book shares are anecdotes detailing the habits, practices and advice of the world’s great leaders and successful businessmen. The basic principles – for instance, the power of addressing a person by name, or always reflecting on things from the perspective of others – are simple and easy to understand and apply in all business and/or personal situations.

2. The Magic of Thinking Big

Those trapped by procrastination and habitual ‘small thinking’ will find lots of practical suggestions about ways to derive inspiration and get motivated. If you want to achieve in life, gain financial security, get your ideal career, acquire influence and authority, and enjoy rewarding relationships, David Schwartz’s book will motivate you to set the bar high, and then exceed those expectations. Schwartz is an acknowledged motivation guru who has helped people become successful in sales and management, increase their earning power, and thus acquire happiness and greater peace of mind in their personal lives. In ‘The Magic of Thinking Big’ you will find a detailed program designed to help you optimise your career, community and family life. You will learn that success in life doesn’t really depend on having great talent. What’s more important is to become aware of certain new ways of thinking and behaving which will then lead on to success. As Schwartz's real-life examples clearly demonstrate, this change of mindset is the critical requirement.

Schwartz will take you through topics such as: thinking positively, turning defeat into victory, thinking as a leader, creative dreaming, not being afraid to fail and setting effective goals which will enable you to grow. His book is very well written and crammed with common

3. Zero to One

According to Peter Thiel's book, going from zero to one is the biggest conceptual leap you can make. It’s moving from nothing to something, and therefore much more important than moving from one to 10 and so on. This, Thiel explains, is the core of true innovation – the ability to bring something into being where nothing existed before. The author is intent upon exposing the fallacy there are no more frontiers, therefore he encourages you to think for yourself as the primary prerequisite for creativity and innovation. ‘Zero to One’ thus sets out to encourage you to adopt a questioning approach rather than simply accepting the well-worn pathways explored by other thinkers.

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