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Virtual Horse Racing Now a Reality

Virtual reality is beginning to become a large part of the online casino and sports betting world. Being as close to the real thing as technology can allow thus far, it will probably become a firm favourite at Spin Palace in no time. Whether a computer generated simulation or authentic video footage captured and view through a headset, players have an exciting time ahead when it comes to virtual reality games, especially those of the casino and sports betting variety.

Age Old Activities

One of the oldest sports to bet on, the horse races, is the basis for the new simulated game called Virtual Horses. This game brings you a full realistic experience, as it is a perfect recreation of a day at the races. The attention to detail is magnificent and Virtual Horses is a first of its kind and is the beginning of a new generation of virtual games.

You will play the game starting with a race card, which you can study. Options include win, place and perfecta, which must all be set before the race can begin. The visuals are photorealistic and computer generated from authentic looking footage. Old school style commentary compliments the game throughout the race.

Attention to Detail

What sets Virtual Horses apart from the rest is the great attention to detail. The visuals are computer generated with such an authentic look that it appears as if an actual cameraman has filmed the footage. Every image is photorealistic and takes you on a tour of the most realistic experience you will have.

The virtual view of camera footage shows the cameras switching and panning just as they would in a live broadcast, and similarly to live casino games, you get to view the action from all angles.

Getting Started

You are first faced with a blank race card which has options for the win, place and perfecta betting options which in total adds up to eight possible wins, eight possible places and 56 possible perfectas as only eight horses race.

When you are prepared to place your bets click on the button labelled “bet now” and the race will begin. It is an eight furlong flat race that takes place at a virtual replication of Playford Park.

It is possible to play Virtual Horses for free in the demo version so why not give it a try before committing to real money bets and see what all the fuss is about.

More Virtual Horse Racing

There is more virtual reality horse racing to get excited about as a game called Get In the Race, a 3D horse racing experience has also been released.

This virtual reality horse racing game is less a simulator and more of the real thing with players viewing the actual race through a headset such as an Oculus Rift. Players will see the race from the jockey’s perspective and hear the real commentary.

History of the Races

Horse racing has been a great way for bettors to make money since horse races first began. Roman soldiers invaded the UK and began holding races way back in 200AD but it was only in 1174 that the first race was ever officially recorded.

Since then it has been regarded as the sport of kings because horse racing has become so deeply ingrained in the British culture. Royalty have participated in the horse races one way or the other for many generations.

With VR horse racing games now a reality, the future of this sport looks bright, as its certainly one that’s moving with the times.

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