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Weirdest Fashion Statements And Trends

Lady Gaga in Pam Hogg Source: MTV

Fashion is an important industry. Or is it that fashion is an industry that wants to be important? The truth is that fashion is an industry desperate to be noticed, as there is stiff competition between brands and an almost endless quest for the next big thing. So, in an effort to draw attention, some fashion designers will do some pretty odd things leading to the weirdest fashion trends.

Over the years there are many trends that we look back at now and stifle a smile at, and in some cases we know that staying in fashion cost us more than money, it cost us a little bit of our dignity too. Especially when we splashed out the equivalent amount of a big pokies win to buy platform shoes that were so high we could barely walk, or see through designer vests that did nothing to keep out the chill.

Some fashions however, are far more than just a bit silly or strange, they border on the sublime and the ridiculous, and it seems that the following designers never stopped to ask if a sane human would wear what they were making.

Paolo Carzana

At the University of Westminster, fashion designer Paolo Carzana stated that he is attempting to combine fashion and art, and there is something to be said for this concept. The explanation would certainly be needed, since no one outside of a science fiction film would be seen in the showcased clothing.

Models strutted down the catwalk adorned with Carazana’s creation, or perhaps swam down the catwalk is a better description, since enough layers of clothing were used to fill a swimming pool. In fact some onlookers may not have known if the models were dressed purposefully, or had perhaps accidentally fallen into a hamper of loose fabric. Either way, some leeway can be given, since Carazana admitted the exposition was more art than actual fashion.

Vin + Omi

The design house Vin + Omi is known for having a confusing name. It’s also known for promoting animal-friendly clothing trends, which is certainly a great idea. The downside is that the animal-friendly clothing created is nothing short of painful to behold. If it looked to you like the models were wearing recycled ocean plastic, it’s because they were.

The trends promoted by this design house may catch on, as soon as their models don’t look as if they’ve simply rolled around in stale candyfloss for ten minutes.

Pam Hogg

The name Pam Hogg may not sound familiar, but the name Lady Gaga will probably ring a few bells. Pam Hogg is the person who designed some of Lady Gaga’s more outrageous outfits, and that pretty much says it all. Her outfits manage to strike an incredible balance, somehow seeming like not enough, and simultaneously being way too much at the same time. Think patches of clothing strung together, like half of the outfit is yet to be completed, and you have the right idea.

Then again, she probably calls her cat suits ‘barely there’ for a reason.’ And to be fair, they are likely not meant to be seen outside of controversial music videos.

Matty Bovan

Matty Bovan is an otherwise respected fashion designer, but the closing of the February London Fashion Week raised more than a few eyebrows. Some might have thought that the models had accidentally attached balloon-filled headdresses, or had perhaps done so in protest. But no, it was planned, and perhaps one of the oddest things seen on a catwalk.

Edwin Mohney

Saving the weirdest for last, Edwin Mohney certainly takes the cake. Also present at the London Fashion Week, Mohney clearly had a political statement to make, giving the not so subtle statement that he intended on ‘making fashion great again.’

But how a statement against Donald Trump translated into models wearing shower curtains is anyone’s guess. And let’s not forget the model who was dressed as what may have been an enormous pink condom. Fashion really is the realm of the bizarre in some cases, and Mohney takes first prize, despite the competition!


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