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What VR Casino Games Can You Play?

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Casino Games That Make Use of Virtual Reality Technology

VR Man Source: Pexels - ID Eugene Capon

Virtual reality (VR) has been deployed by all sorts of technology companies to make a more immersive experience. Sometimes, VR is used for pure entertainment and sometimes for much more serious applications, such as training people to experience potentially dangerous situations in a consequence-free virtual environment. In the past, VR equipment was expensive and you needed to wear rather large stereoscopic headsets that were hooked up to local servers providing the images in front of the wearer's eyes. Today, the technology is much lighter, easier to use and much less expensive. You can even make use of the positioning technology in conventional smart devices rather than rely on specialist VR headsets. What's even more impressive is that the data that needs to flow back and forth from the display equipment and the server can be handled by standard computing equipment. This now means that experiencing VR over the internet from a remote server is perfectly possible. In turn, this has led to a rise in online VR gaming.

Internet-based VR gaming is increasingly popular especially among people who like to indulge in role-playing games and MMO platforms which sometimes involve thousands of players together at the same time. In addition, there has been a rise in the use of VR technology to improve the experiences of players who prefer online casino games. Even a few years ago, using lifelike avatars to represent other players around, for example, a roulette table would have seemed a pipe-dream. Thanks to the low costs of modern VR technology and the skill of contemporary game programmers, this dream has become, well, a reality.

It is now possible to win real money at a real online casino playing VR games. The experience is much more like being in a real casino than you might think. Whether you have a VR headset or utilize your mouse and keyboard to look around the virtual world you are playing in, it becomes possible to take in more information about other players as you observe them closely. Virtual gaming tables and other platforms allow you to talk to players in ways that you choose - an ideal feature if you like to bluff with a little verbal interaction, for example. These days, you can even find VR casino games which will support multiple languages, too. If you are thinking about which sorts of games are suited to a VR experience and want to put your toe in the virtual water, then read on. What follows is a summary of some of the best VR gaming platforms you can enjoy today.

VR Poker

Online casinos have long been great places to play poker and poker variants like Texas Holdem with other players, whether they are real or make use of artificial intelligence. These days, the experience you can get from one of the most popular gambling games around is even more thrilling thanks to the use of VR technology. Game makers have been able to develop a multiplayer experience which takes place in a very realistic gaming environment that looks and feels much like a high-class casino. If you want to feel like you are playing poker in a swanky casino without having to bother to travel to one, then the current generation of game developers making poker platforms are really delivering. Not only can you look at your hand in a realistic way, but you can handle your chips and raise your bets in just the same way that you would in real life. Such platforms are much more immersive for players who understand that poker games are as much about the psychology of those involved as it is a pure game of chance.

VR Woman Source: Unsplash - ID Hammer & Tusk

Of course, some players prefer to inhabit a virtual casino room to play poker for the common reason that they give too much away in real life. If you are one of those players who always raises an involuntary eyebrow when they have a good hand, playing in a VR world can make a lot of sense. Yes, you can still communicate your emotions via emojis and what you say but a VR poker game also allows you to control your so-called tells. With more information, more customisable options and more fun, VR poker is becoming one of the best established of all virtual online gaming experiences so why not give it a go?

VR Roulette

Roulette is one of the most popular games that you will find in any bricks and mortar casino. As such, it has been ripe for gaming developers to turn into a true VR experience for some tie. Like VR poker, VR roulette allows you to take to your gaming table in a wider virtual world, one that is usually full of ornate detailing. Not only do you get a sense of really being in a space, but VR roulette will also allow you to mingle with other gamblers as you all try to gain an advantage over the house. Placing your chips feels like it is a real experience. You can win big playing VR roulette. Alternatively, keep your wagers to a limit and enjoy the fun as you play alongside high rollers who are in the same virtual domain as you.

VR Blackjack

Another game where you pit your wits against the house, blackjack is better in a multiplayer VR world because the actions of those at the same table as you will have an impact on what you choose to do. Although you are playing against a virtual croupier, the house can make decisions based on what others have bet which can impact on your decision making. In short, this means that a VR game of blackjack is much more satisfying because it no longer feels like a mere game of chance but one that is a battle of wills - just like playing the game in a real casino against a real croupier.

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