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What’s On Ethan Hunt’s List of Top 5 Songs?


Mission Impossible’s Ethan Hunt Source: FLOOD Magazine

A source who did not want to be named got the surprise of his life when he responded to an iPod For Sale ad on a classified website. The seller from whom he collected it turned out to be none other than Impossible Missions Force member, Ethan Hunt, who forgot to restore factory settings. Realising how newsworthy this was, he contacted us immediately.

He wasn’t wrong. The top 5 tracks were definitely not what we expected from the man who travels the world and fights criminal masterminds in exotic locations such as those seen in the Mission Impossible movies, and we are sharing them with you.

The James Bond Theme – Moby

In top place on Ethan Hunt’s iPod is Moby’s energetic version of the famous James Bond theme. It stands to reason that all action heroes need heroes of their own, and who better to inspire Hunt every morning than the greatest agent of them all, 007? The track was included on the soundtrack of 1999’s Tomorrow Never Dies. The film features scenes of secret agents and criminals running down corridors and in streets, and of things exploding, much like Mission Impossible.

Flash’s Theme - Queen

It looks like Ethan Hunt does not look up to James Bond only. Another track in his top 5 is Queen’s version of the Flash Gordon theme. Originally a comic character, Flash Gordon is a polo player and Yale graduate who essentially becomes a superhero in space, where he must defeat Ming the Merciless, ruler of the planet Mongo. We’re certain the IMF member listens to this track on his way to the impossible missions he must undertake.

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Thunderstruck II

Macho Man – the Village People

Like all special agents, Ethan Hunt is happy to celebrate a job well done. His iPod playlist indicates that, when he has a few days of work, he is a sociable fellow who enjoys a drink, a dance, and the company of good friends. The song he goes to first, once he has seen to it that the forces of evil have been neutralised, is the Village People’s 1978 hit single, Macho Man. The song entered the Billboard Hot 100, and includes the inspiring lines, ‘Every man ought to be a macho macho man, to live a life of freedom, machos make a stand… You can believe that he’s a macho man, He’s a special person in anybody’s land’. He certainly is.

I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor

In the first movie, Ethan Hunt was framed for murder, and in the second, he is chased by Luther. In other movies, he must face other trials and ordeals. How does he motivate himself to continue, especially when it looks like it could be the end of not only his career, but his life? He turns to music, and one of his favourite tracks for inspiration is Gloria Gaynor’s 1978 hit single, I Will Survive. The song has inspired people with its optimism ever since it was released. In 2016, the US Library of Congress decided to preserve it in the National Recording Registry for being culturally, artistically, or historically important.

Sissy That Walk – RuPaul

We can’t lie. We won’t lie. We were confused when we saw Sissy That Walk by RuPaul among the top 5 tracks on Ethan Hunt’s iPod. We’ve seen all the movies, and not once did we see a sissied walk. Obviously, Ethan doesn’t have it on his music player because he sashays, shontays, werks, and twerks. He has it because of the line, ‘And if I fly or if I fall, least I can say I gave it all.’ Even special agents have their moments of doubt, and they must face the possibility of failure one day. This song is how Hunt reminds himself that doing his best is what really matters.

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