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Is Endgame The End For Captain America?


The end for Captain America? Source: Fanfest

There is a theory that, in the future, cinema will consist only of Star Wars and MCU films. Preposterous, you might mutter, until you seriously consider just how many of the major releases lately are exclusively Star Wars and MCU films.

Point in case; Avengers: Endgame is on the horizon, and already the Internet is exploding with hype, ravenous fan boys and theories galore.

One fan theory that has been floating around of late is that some central characters will be cashing their final pay cheque in Endgame. As Endgame signals the end of phase 3 of the MCU, fans have theorised that it only makes sense that certain characters bite the bullet.

We don’t mean, just to clarify, die in the classic comic book way. Which means that they will be back shortly, with maybe a few hairs out of place and a designer scar, right after some buzz has been generated by their “death.” We mean a character leaving the franchise for good.

Possible, perhaps, especially when you take note of how many websites are predicting that Captain America will be the designated character to go the way of the Dodo.

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Evans Confirms It?

We’re talking about rumours spread on the Internet here, of course, so keep in mind that said rumours should be taken with a hearty side of salt. Either way, some websites have been quick to point out that Chris Evans, otherwise known as the man who has a fetish for wearing t-shirts two sizes too small for him, may have hinted at the demise of his character.

He stated, during the Avengers press conference, that Endgame will be the end of Captain America’s arc, and that it will provide an ending to the characters story. Gasp! Shock!

An all but smoking gun, declaring an untimely demise for Captain America?

Or, cryptic words that don’t really say much about anything, since literally every central character in the film should have an end to their arc. Else it wouldn’t be a very well written film, would it? You decide.

But then! What about the Tweet Evans sent out on October 4th, announcing that filming on Endgame had concluded, it had been an emotional ride, followed by him thanking everyone for the memories? A declaration that it was his last film? Oh, the suspense and mystery. Or, just a person thanking the cast and crew after a shoot?

It’s almost as if the drips and drabs of information are designed to create viral marketing-worthy speculation.

Chris Evans in action as the Cap Source: PMC Variety

Real Details To Consider

But, if looking at it from a more practical and logistical angle, there are signs that perhaps Captain America, or at least Chris Evans, might not return after Endgame. The most interesting thing to keep in mind is that Evans had a six movie deal signed, when he first became an Avenger a decade ago. That took him up to Infinity War, and the contract had to subsequently be extended for him to even play a part in Endgame.

If anything, perhaps when his contract now officially expires a second time, the actor may just take the opportunity to leave the franchise, and explore other acting opportunities. After all, how stimulating do you really think it is to play the same character over and over, film after film? Probably not very. Though, Evans would be a fool to entirely abandon a central role in one of the biggest current cinematic franchises. So perhaps his role will just be trimmed down.

One final thought to consider in the whole ‘will he bite the dust or won’t he’ debate; Endgame co-director Joe Russo plainly stated that Evans isn’t done yet, and that fans would have to see the movie to find out what he meant.

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