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Wish List For Big Winners

When you sit down to play your favourite progressive slot game, your mind probably inevitably wanders to the many amazing things you could buy if you managed to hit the jackpot. Sure, everyone tries to have reserved hopes about landing ‘the big one’, but it sure is a lot of fun to fantasise about the possibilities.

Hey, there’s no harm in it – everyone does it. The interesting thing is, though, that people from all walks of life often tend to have very similar wish lists. We went out, did a bit of research and put together a list of some of the most common things people say they will buy if they win a progressive jackpot. Let’s take a look and see.

Wish List For Big Winners

A House Among The Stars

By far one of the most common things people say they will buy is a monster mansion. And who can blame them? Imagine having an enormous mansion overlooking the ocean, perhaps with a nice deck where you can relax and watch the sun go down. It sounds like a dream come true and pretty much everyone can get behind the idea.

And let’s not forget that you would also have the money to furnish that mansion, making it fit for a king. Fancy a nice, giant flat screen TV, complete with an ultra-luxury leather lounge suite? Hey, with that sort of money you could dedicate an entire section of the house just for TV-watching, maybe even with a fully stocked bar.

As to the exact location of the house, opinions are varied, but pretty much everyone seems to think that a tropical paradise is best. Where you might buy your mansion is, of course, up to you, but sun, sand and sea seems to be a common theme!

A Holiday Around The World

Another thing high on the common wish list is an epic holiday around the world, and one more idea we can fully get behind. Imagine having the money to throw caution to the wind, set your sights on the most amazing places in the world and jet off on a yearlong holiday. You could easily make a stop on every continent on the planet, and maybe stick around for a while at your favourite destination.

Plus, of course, with that kind of money you could stay in all the most luxurious holiday venues, if you so desired. The five star luxury hotels would not be beyond your reach, although that is not compulsory. Some prefer the more laid back holiday venues, which is perfectly okay. You could spend the money on a few helicopter sightseeing tours instead, and maybe an ocean liner cruise. It would be your money, so it would all be as you preferred.

Luxury Toys

Another common set of items on the wish lists are the luxury toys that everyone likes to gape at, but few can really hope to afford. Yes, we’re talking about sports cars, private jets, super yachts and all the things you see celebrities getting around in.

Not everyone gets a kick out of having a crazy-expensive sports car, but it would certainly be an option if you hit a progressive slot game jackpot. There wouldn’t be a vehicle in the world beyond your reach, from the most outrageously powerful muscle cars, to those that are more about having a champagne fridge in the back.

If fancy cars aren’t your thing, however, there are a number of other toys you might have your eye on. How about having a private helicopter? It could be parked on the roof of your seaside mansion. And really now, who wants to get to the movies in a tired old set of wheels, when you could get there in something that flies? We’re not exactly sure how many shopping malls there are in the world that have helipads on the roof, but you can sure find out when you have a helicopter that needs refuelling.

And speaking of shopping malls…

Epic Shopping Binges

Ever found yourself walking around a shopping mall looking at all the amazing things you could buy, but knowing that your budget just won’t support it? Well, land a jackpot and say goodbye to such silly constraints.

Everyone has dreamed of marching into the local shopping mall and simply being able to afford everything that strikes your fancy. It would be a shopping binge spoken about in legends, and you’d certainly be able to store all the new things in that already mentioned seaside mansion.

The only real problem we see here is how you would carry everything. But hey, you could afford to hire a few people to follow you around and take care of that little inconvenience.

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