Magical Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is a celebration that takes place once a year, about a week before lent, but you have the opportunity of enjoying the festivities all year round without having to leave your home! Carnaval is truly a visual masterpiece that sets the festive tone and allows you to celebrate big wins alongside the traditional celebrations. 

With this online slot being one of the most festive online casino games around, you will be happy to know that it is  pretty straight forward and the only frills you will see are those at the end of the revelling performers’ costumes! 

There are five reels and three rows on which a total of nine paylines offer winning opportunities. You only need to bet nine coins to win on each and every payline with a value of anything from $0.25 to $5.00. 

Celebratory Wins on the Colourful Carnaval Reels

Just because there are no free spins to win or additional bonus games to play does not mean you miss out. With this online slots game you can focus on the fun while the game focuses on spinning higher than usual paying winning combinations! 

Whether you play Carnaval and take part in Mardi Gras for the fun aspect for free, or for the big wins, you are sure to enjoy an online slots experience that’s filled with revelry! 

On the reels you will find fanciful showgirls; colourful clowns; trumpets; Mardi Gras banners and brightly decked out high valued playing card icons. The Carnaval logo is the highest paying symbol. All you need is to land this beauty five times on an active payline with the maximum bet and the jackpot of 5 000 coins is yours. 

Landing even two of these symbols will be rewarding, as you will receive 20 coins. Three or four of them will also see your bankroll grow tremendously with a 200 coin or an 800 coin pay out.   

The other high paying symbols to look out for are the showgirls, the colourful clowns, the Mardi Gras banners and the trumpets. Land five showgirls in a row and you will not only see a spectacular performance but you will have an additional 600 coins to boast about. 

The colourful clowns, Mardi Gras banners and trumpets not only add to the spectacular sights and sounds of Mardi Gras but they also pay out up to 500 coins, 300 coins and 250 coins respectively. All of the top paying themed symbols only need to appear two times in a row on an active payline to be rewarding. Two symbols appearing in a row will award you anything from 5 coins to 20 coins. The payouts in between range from 25 coins up to 800 coins, so you are sure to enjoy reeling in big rewards and winning wonderful payouts!

Featured Symbols that Boost Your Wins

You won’t miss the Carnaval online slots special Wild and Scatter symbols, as these are clearly marked with ‘Wild’ and ‘Scatter’ and are beautifully detailed to fit in with the theme. No matter where the Wild symbol lands, if it lands adjacent to two or more matching symbols on an active pay line then it will have formed a winning combination. You will win the value of the substituted symbol, which can be any of the regular paying symbols. 

Even though there are no free spins you will be highly rewarded with instantly rewarding Scatter symbols. As Scatters pay any way, you don’t need to line them up on an active payline to see the wins that they bring. Simply have three, four or five Scatters on the reels simultaneously and you will be rewarded with multipliers of 2x, 10x or 50x your total number of coins staked. 

Festive Fun Online

Let the Wilds and Scatters boost your winning potential and start winning bigger and better on these brightly coloured themed reels. Microgaming have provided over twenty years of fair and trusted casino games, so you are guaranteed to be playing on some of the best reels around. 

Carnaval is truly a mesmerizing online slots game and you can join in the fun whenever you play at Spin Palace!