Here at our virtual Vegas, there is something for everyone. We have hundreds of amazing online slot games to offer, so, whether you’re a seasoned player or are completely new to slots online, Spin Palace has the perfect game for you! In fact, with so many games available on our platform, we may even rival the casino capital itself!

Our classic 3-reel slots are perfect for those who want to put their luck to the test without having to worry about learning lots of complex rules. The simplest of all slot games, 3-reel slots are easy to understand and therefore offer a simple, gentle introduction to the world of online slots for new players. Put simply, they consist of matching three symbols in a row to complete a payline. They are popular with experienced slot-game players, too, perhaps because the reduced number of symbols can increase your odds. As such, games in this time-honoured format can be some of our most thrilling games to play!

Looking to increase the challenge? Then why not try your hand at our 5-reel slots, which offer five times the excitement! Also known as video slots, these online games are a more modern version of their classic 3-reel counterpart. Spin Palace works with the best games developers out there to bring you outstanding visuals accompanied by amazing sound and storylines designed to grab your attention. And with our extensive library of games, you’re guaranteed to find what you’re looking for on one of the largest online casino slot platforms in Canada.

If you’re looking for something that involves more skill, our bonus slots may be just the thing for you! These second-screen games are activated by scatter symbols that appear across our reels, enabling you to unlock a plethora of new features and rewards, based on the interactive decisions that you must make.

Finally, tech fans will be blown away by the unrivalled quality of our premium feature slot games. With big sounds and even bigger visuals on some of the largest names in casino gaming history – including Hollywood blockbuster titles – these elite online slots are guaranteed to make an impact!

No matter what your preference, all our games guarantee top-quality entertainment that’s so immersive, you’ll forget that you’re not actually at the casino!

Some of our most popular games include:

To discover our full range of slots online, simply login to our platform and go to the Games section. Further details about each game are available on our pay-table cards, where you can also confirm the details of your gaming sessions. Spin Palace promotes responsible gaming and always recommends familiarizing yourself with the conditions of play before entering a game.


All of our games are uniquely themed to ensure that you have the most fun possible. In addition to guaranteeing top quality and a great time, however, Spin Palace also works hard to ensure that your online experience is as safe as possible. Recognized as one of the world’s premium online casino destinations, we have built a strong international reputation over the past two decades, which means you can put your trust in us when it comes to playing slots online. We also have a dedicated support team available in Canada, to ensure that your experience with us is as smooth and worry-free as possible. We are aware that, like all the best things in life, too much of a good thing can become a bad thing. Spin Palace is a strong advocate of responsible gaming, which is why we have a range of plans in place to protect you, should you feel it necessary. From temporary, short-term blocks to permanent bans, you can limit your ability to play with us at any time and can also set spending limits on a regular basis. We are here to support you throughout your online gaming journey and can provide assessment via our quiz or direct you to sources of potential help whenever you would like. Find out more in our FAQs below.

Wildfire Wins Slot With Wildfire Respins & Wildfire Wheels

For a chance to play with fire without getting burned, give Wildfire Wins a spin. Just For The Win’s latest exclusively collaboration with Microgaming, Wildfire Wins delivers high energy retro action with first rate visuals, stunning effects and a scorching soundtrack. The high volatility of this banging online slot is reflected by the action on the reels. The screen lights up as special fiery royal symbols ignite Wildfire Respins and turn into blazing sticky wilds as the reels spin again and multiply your wins. The more fiery symbols you collect, the more the wildfire spreads, stopping only when you collect them all! For an extra dimension of entertainment, there are special Wildfire Wheel Bonus symbols that can trigger the Wildfire Wheels feature. Spin the wheel to earn a win multiplier or level up to the next wheel, where the multipliers are bigger. If you manage to level up to the third wheel, you’re in line for a chance to win the 10,000x jackpot. Play the Wildfire Wins video slot on your device of choice here at Spin Palace Casino – our multi-modal user interface allows you to alternate seamlessly between desktop and mobile, so you can play from any location at any time.

Magical Reels With Bonus Stars

The art of magic is the ability to influence events with a wave of a wand. It isn’t available in our current reality, but it’s an idea you can explore in Magical Reels, the latest video slot produced by Northern Lights Gaming’s exclusively Microgaming. The School of Magic is where it’s at, a training ground for apprentice wizards intent on becoming the next Merlin or Harry Potter. The training schedule is rigorous, with the task of conjuring stars from the 5x4 reels with the ingredients that appear there. Mushrooms, shells, berries, leaves, and an array of sparkling-coloured elixirs – they all play their part, but it’s when the Spell Book shows up that the magic really starts to happen. This Trojan of a symbol hands out multipliers and stars that accumulate in the eight Star Meters on the award board, one meter per pay symbol. Fill a Star Meter and you’re awarded with a sparkling round of free spins that increase with every additional meter you fill. The action shuttles rapidly between the base game and free spins, which makes for dynamic entertainment. The volatility is high, and bets range from 0.20 to 20. Play on your preferred desktop or mobile device here at Spin Palace Casino.

Gold Collector: Diamond Edition Link&Win Online Slot

He’s crazy, he’s funny and he’s digging for his money. The crazy old timer who featured in the first Gold Collector slot has returned to stake a fresh claim in Gold Collector: Diamond Edition. Produced by All41studios exclusively for Microgaming, this diverting sequel showcases the prospector’s new adventures as he seeks to exploit a rich vein of diamonds as well as gold. The 5x4 game board has some new symbols. In addition to the familiar picks, shovels, lanterns and trolleys, this manic miner has got hold of some brand-new explosives, represented as TNT scatters, dynamite kegs and TNT plungers. These symbols interact to help the prospector blow up rocks as fast as he can. The hope is that they’ll uncover the coins and diamonds he needs to set the Link&Win mechanic in motion and trigger free spins bonus rounds that come with the chance to potentially win jackpots of up to 5,000x your wager.

Speaking of which, Mining Gold Collector: Diamond Edition has a betting range that extends from a low 0.10 to a generous 40 per spin, making it suitable for anyone from beginners to high rollers. The volatility level is very high, so be sure to play responsibly on your desktop or mobile device of choice.

Dungeons and Diamonds With Instant Collect

Join the heroes on their quest in Dungeons and Diamonds, the spectacular slot game adaptation of the epic fantasy genre by Microgaming and PearFiction Studios. Accompany an adventure party consisting of an elven archer, an axe-wielding dwarf, a skilful sorceress and a wild-eyed wizard as they strike out on the adventure trail in a bid to relieve a wicked dragon of his treasure. It’s highly diverting to watch these fantasy characters spring into action on the 5x5 game board. The game engine is also entertaining, thanks to the creative Instant Collect mechanism. Just as the adventurers are trying to collect the dragon’s diamonds and gold, so do red, blue and green Collect symbols award different combinations of respins and win multipliers. They can even trigger the Wicked Wizard’s Jackpot, with prizes valued up to 5,000x your bet. There’s a free spins feature too, which rouses the dragon from his slumber for a fire-spitting roar every time you trigger it. Play Dungeons and Diamonds on desktop or mobile at Spin Palace Casino.

Rhino Rilla Rex With Progressive Beast Prizes

Take the monster movie and science fiction genres, mash them up and throw in one of the most innovative slot game engines out there right, and you’ll get something like Rhino Rilla Rex. The creative juices have clearly been flowing in full force at Crazy Tooth Studios because their latest exclusive production for Microgaming doesn’t just think outside the box, it knocks the box out of the park!

The setting: a remote jungle island where some seriously dodgy scientific research has been going on. As a result, the island has been taken over by giant rhinos, gorillas and t-rexes. They’re scary enough in their own right, but the fear factor goes off the charts when they combine bodies to form mutant hybrids. You can see these terrifying transformations play out on the 5x5 game board whenever you land combinations of stacked Rhino, Rilla and Rex beast symbols. The Team Up feature replaces the regular reels with a different set of Team Up reels depending on what combination of beasts you landed. The relevant hybrid appears and you’re awarded with multipliers and beast tokens that counts towards four different progressive Beast Prizes.

Rhino Rilla Rex is a highly volatile slot experience that you can enjoy on desktop or mobile here at Spin Palace Casino.

Vegas Cash with Copycash™ Wilds

Viva Las Vegas! It seems there’s always good reason to appreciate the King’s heart-felt tribute to Sin City, the latest one being Vegas Cash. Produced exclusively for Microgaming by SpinPlay Games, this exceptional online slot sets you up on a date with Lady Luck. That’s no idle expression – Lady Luck shows up on the reels, looking mighty glamorous as the top pay symbol. Accompanying her are a bunch of symbols that remind us of the Vegas lifestyle: playing cards, dice, stacks of dollar bills, fast cars and roulette wheels, along with dollar sign wilds dripping with diamond bling. These symbols of luxury cascade on two 5x3 reel sets, one above the other. The main attraction is Copycash™ Wilds. If a stack of wilds fills a reel on one set of reels, they’re copied over straight away to the reel’s opposite number. Copycash™ Wilds really take off during the free spins feature, when they start nudging helpfully into position. At any time you could fill two opposite reels with wilds at once, in which case you’re in for a High Roller, awarding either multipliers or one of four jackpots, up to 10,000x. Play Vegas Cash on mobile or desktop here at Spin Palace Casino.


How do I get started with online slots?

It’s easy to sign up to use our online slot games platform. Whether you want to connect via a computer, mobile phone, or tablet, once you have registered with us, all you need to do is log in and you will be free to browse our extensive collection of slot games available to play in Canada online. Simply pick the one that appeals to you the most and you’re ready to play!

What do the different terms mean?

There are several key terms that you might encounter as you begin to play our online slot games in Canada. Many of these refer to specific aspects of our slot games, designed to grant access to further rewards or additional mini-games. For instance, Wilds are symbols used in our online slot games that can be used to substitute other symbols. So, for example, if you were playing a 3-reel slot game and needed a specific symbol to complete a set, the wild card could be used as an alternative to that third symbol, thus allowing you to complete the payline. Similarly, our Scatter cards can appear anywhere in the reel, giving you access to one of our many different online slot features or bonuses.

How do I change bet sizes and is there a maximum?

You can adjust your bet size at any time before completing a spin. Bet size can usually be viewed at the top or bottom of the online slot screen, next to the other features. The higher the bet, the higher the potential reward. Maximum bets differ from game to game, but limits are in place to protect you and Spin Palace strongly recommends setting responsible limits to avoid any potential negative consequences. Our main aim is to ensure that you are having fun, and this includes keeping you safe.

How do progressive slots work?

Progressive slots are jackpot-based online slot games. Each unsuccessful spin, made by either yourself or a previous player, increases the jackpot, which therefore increases the potential reward associated with the next spin. Progressive slots thus offer some of the highest potential pay-outs of any online slot games available on the market and can reach millions of dollars. No winnings are guaranteed in any of our games, and owing to the nature of progressive slots, it’s particularly important to remember the rules of responsible gaming and be aware of adverse risks.

Can I trust Spin Palace?

Spin Palace has been operating successfully for over two decades. With reliable software and strict safety measures in place, it is the place to be for safe online casino games in Canada. Indeed, Spin Palace is eCOGRA certified, which means that it has been awarded an official seal by a leading, internationally approved organization that specializes in inspecting online gambling software and systems on a regular basis. This certificate is renewed frequently and guarantees both safe and fair play, thus guaranteeing compliance with high international standards, which are regularly checked. We have a history of happy customers, so all you need to worry about is keeping your head in the game!

How does Spin Palace protect its customers?

Spin Palace supports all forms of responsible gaming. As such, we offer our customers a range of different options to opt-out of our platform, should they feel the need to do so. These range from temporary breaks to permanent exclusions at the player’s request. Temporary breaks can last anything between 24-hours to several months, during which time players will be unable to log in to Spin Palace. If you are unsure as to whether this may or may not be necessary or need to determine how much of a break you would like to take, you can always take the gambling test available on our website to determine whether your use of our platform may be becoming a cause for concern. Please note that accounts cannot be reopened following a permanent block. Our dedicated support staff are also able to provide links to different responsible gaming sites and help programmes and are available to discuss this, or any other issues you may have, at any time, via our dedicated service line. In addition to protecting our customers from potential addiction, we also offer the option of setting daily, weekly, and monthly limits on deposits and losses, thus limiting any negative impact that misuse of our platform may have. These limits can be changed but take a few days to be updated – enough time to enable players to cool off before making decisions. You can view all your transactions and gaming history on our platform to keep track of your spending and usage.

Who can use Spin Palace?

All players must be either 18 or 19 years old, depending on the gambling restrictions in place in your province. We recommend that anyone with a history of gambling addiction seek professional advice before using our service.

Why choose Spin Palace?

As one of the largest, safest, and most trusted online slot games providers in Canada, Spin Palace is the obvious choice when it comes to slots online. With such a fantastic range of play options on offer, you will never get bored. We’re constantly working to bring you the latest, most engaging casino games out there on the online market and hope you will love playing them as much as we love making them. As a licensed, certified platform and advocate of responsible gaming – there is no safer place to play. We’ve taken care of the serious stuff, so you can focus on the thrill of the game!