Spin Palace General FAQ

Does Spin Palace really offer fair play?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is that we make use of Microgaming software, and this leading operating system makes use of a Random Number Generator, also known as an RNG, in order to make sure that game results are completely arbitrary. Our RNG’s are also reviewed on a regular basis by completely independent auditors to confirm fair results. 

What is the legal online casino playing age?

Anyone wishing to open an account at Spin Palace casino or make use of the winning opportunities our games deliver needs to be 18-years or older; of the legal age necessary for gambling activities in the area they reside in or play from; or whichever age is the greater. Under no circumstances may minors play Spin Palace’s casino games. 

What are the requirements for wagering?

We make sure that our loyal players know exactly how valuable they are to us, and that they are able to keep playing the games they love to play longer than usual by making bonuses, made up of casino credits, available to them. These bonuses have been put in place in order to allow our players to place real money wagers, and boost their bankrolls by means of real money wins, and are available under particular terms and conditions. Please click here in order to view the details on our generous welcome bonus right now. 

Players’ account balances will be made up of two tabs at Spin Palace casino: the bonus account, and the cash account. Before withdrawing any money from his or her bonus account, games will need to be played at the Spin Palace casino, and a certain amount of bets will need to be made in order to access the funds within the bonus account.

The total bet-value required for accessing the bonus money is fifty, 50, times the amount of the bonus; a $10 dollar bonus will only become accessible after $500 worth of wagers has been placed. The outcome of these bets is not a factor, and whether these win or lose has no bearing on the bonus money becoming available. Players should keep in mind when trying to meet these wagering requirements that certain games will contribute more to the wager requirements than others. 

When you have managed to meet the wagering requirements, your bonus account credits will be transferred over to your cash account, and this will be affected in increments of ten credits for every $500 wagered. You may even be able to withdraw this balance from your cash account, but must bear in mind that doing so may require that you forfeit the remaining balance in your bonus account. 

What must I do if the game I’m playing stops working?

If at any point you have a problem whilst playing the most exciting, fun-filled online casino games available at Spin Palace we ask that you make contact with one of our highly trained customer service representatives. They will be able to assist you in over 12 different languages, and pride themselves on the fact that no job is considered too small or too big for them to deal with. You may reach out and get your problem resolved by means of live chat or email, and can simply head over to the “Contact Us” area of our website in order to do so. 

Where can I find Spin Palace bonuses and special offers?

We offer an array of promotions; bonuses; and special offers to our players, and our welcome bonus is considered to be one of the best, as we place €1000 at your disposal in order to boost your bankroll as you please. Simply sign up for your Real Money account to take advantage of this. 

We make sure it is always in your best interests to keep returning to our website by means of not only providing the latest and best games, but also by serving up changing weekly promotions that help you win more, more often. Make sure you are aware of all our current and upcoming offers by means of texts or email messages, and click on the “Opt In” link provided within these in order to grab hold of the deal. 

Spin Palace also has a Loyalty Tier programme that offers players special promotions according to which tier they are part of. These are made up of cashback offers, and those which promise to match your deposit. 

Playing at Spin Palace

How do I get a Spin Palace account?

Registering for a free Spin Palace account is quick and simple. All you need to do is:

•    Click Sign up
•    Complete the registration process
•    Login and start playing

During registration you’ll need to fill in personal details such as your full name, address and mobile number, along with choosing your preferred currency and language. Registration is a hassle-free process - it won’t take more than a few minutes to complete, and there’s no download required.

Online Casino Player Support

What methods can I use to contact player support?

Whichever one of the following portals you prefer may be used to contact our player support team:

•    Live chat
•    Email

And these are all available at the “Contact Us” section of this website.

Spin Player Banking

How do I buy online casino credits at Spin Palace?

There are many different ways to fund your Spin Palace account, including credit card transactions; bank transfers; or eWallet services from NeTeller and Entropay, to name just two. We have made sure that banking is safe; secure; and easy, and you can get things started by simply heading over to our “Banking” section and making your selection. 

Should you require extra info regarding Spin Palace banking, or have any questions regarding any aspects of the process, please click here or make contact with one of our customer service agents. 

Your safety is secured by means of state-of-the art systems here at Spin Palace casino, and you can rest assured that at no point will any iota of your sensitive personal or financial information be in danger of being compromised. Before we begin any transaction we will need your account number and password, and the 128-bit Secure Socket Layer, SSL, digital encryption we have in place makes sure you are safe as houses whenever you choose to spend some of your valuable time with us. 

Why must I submit documents when I make a withdrawal?

We make sure both Spin Palace and its players are protected to the best of our ability, and make it a priority to not simply detect fraud, but prevent it as far as is possible too. Whenever you wish to withdraw money from your account we will need to establish your identity in order to prevent you suffering from losses in the case of someone trying to make off with your winnings. The necessity of providing identifying documentation is an industry-standard, and is a regulation that was put in place in order to ensure both player and casino protection is in force at any given time. 

eCOGRA; local and international banking stipulations require that you prove that you are who you say you are, and we thus necessitate the supply of an identity document in the form of a copy of a utility bill or driver’s license. This helps us make sure that any withdrawals are above-board, and are occurring because you yourself requested them. 


What is a source of wealth request?

Due to our AML compliance and alignment with current FATF recommendations and FIAU regulations we are at times required to establish a client’s “source of wealth” as part of our enhanced due diligence responsibilities.

“Source of wealth” is defined as “the origin of the subject’s total assets” and refers to any activity or situation that has generated the individual’s total wealth.  Should you be required to provide documentation, which would be used to verify your source of funds, the following documentation could be requested from you:

  • bank statements
  • Payslip
  • Recently filed business accounts
  • sale of an asset details in the completion statement
  • divorce settlement and court order specifying the written settlement agreement
  • inheritance money in the form of the Will statement

Please Note! We will have dedicated staff to facilitate the verification.  Please rest assured that all information shared with us will be treated as confidential and that all efforts will be made to assist clients wherever and whenever possible.

Can I use a credit card not on my name to make deposits?

As part of our commitment to making sure our players stay safe we unfortunately do not allow for anyone except the legal cardholder to make credit card transactions at Spin Palace casino. Should someone you know wish to enjoy some of the first-rate entertainment we provide we urge you to point them in the direction of the sign-up process instead of allowing them to make use of your account. 

Why were my credit card deposits rejected?

The unfortunate fact is that there are certain financial institutions that will not allow their cardholders to deposit money for gambling online, and this fact has resulted in players reporting problems when they attempt to make use of their credit cards in order to fund their Spin Palace accounts. 

In order to circumvent the blind frustration this inevitably causes for our players we have made a number of non-credit card deposit options available, and urge you to explore these should you run into this problem. Our “Banking” tab contains all the details, and you may click here for more information regarding this as well. 

There are also instances where cards are being declined because your online deposit limit has been reached, and this will require you to contact your financial institution in order to raise the limits imposed and resolve this issue. 

Your Spin Palace Account

What do I do if I can’t remember my password or account number?

If it happens that you forget either your Spin Palace account number or password we will need you to get in touch with us by means of one of the options outlined at the “Contact Us” area of this website. Our security protocols disallow for password information to be submitted or retrieved by means of email, and you will need to select the Live Chat options for contact in order to resolve this issue. 

How can I unlock my account?

One of the Spin Palace support team members will be able to help you access your account should it become locked. 

How do I log in to my Spin Palace account?

You will very easily be able to log in to your Spin Palace account whenever you wish to do so. Simply make sure that the device you will be using for play is connected to the internet. Once your account number and password information has been entered into the dialogue box that appears you will be up and running and can get started having fun and winning money with the latest and best online casino games we provide.