3 Card Poker Game Setup

A 3 Card Poker game table has 3 circles, with the top one for the Pair Plus game, the second for the Ante round and the third for the Play round. You’re allowed to bet on either game, or both. 

If you want to bet on the Ante and Play game or on both games, start by putting money on the Ante circle. If you only want to play the Pair Plus game, put your money down on that circle.

On the Ante circle, you’re betting that your hand will hold a pair or higher, and on the Pair Plus you’re betting that your hand will top that of the Dealer. Once your stake is set, you and the dealer will each get 3 cards.

Ante and Play Rounds

If your first bet was on the Ante circle, it’s time to check your cards and decide whether to play or fold. Folding will cause you to forfeit your wager, and playing will mean you move on to the Play circle where you’ll need to place another bet. This second wager must be at least equal to your original Ante bet.

When your Play bet is down, the Dealer’s cards are revealed. For the game to continue the Dealer hand needs to hold a Queen or higher. If it doesn’t your Play bet is refunded, and you’ll also get even money on the Ante wager you placed.

A Queen or higher for the Dealer means the hands will be compared. Hand rankings are different than what is usually seen in Poker casino games at Spin Palace, with fewer possible combinations. The highest to the lowest hands are detailed below.

•    Straight Flush: 3 successive same-suit cards
•    Three of a Kind: 3 equally-ranked cards
•    Straight: 3 successive cards of different suits
•    Flush: 3 same-suit cards
•    Pair: 2 cards of equal rank
•    High card: The highest card in your hand

You’ll be paid out even money if your hand is better than the Dealer’s, for both your Ante and Play bets. If your hand loses you forfeit both wagers, and if the hands tie the round is yours.

Pair Plus Round

The Pair Plus round of 3 Card Poker is very simple. It is not influenced by anything that did or didn’t happen during the Ante and Play round, or by what the Dealer’s hand contains. All you need to do to win the bet is get a pair or higher in your hand, which has 4:1 odds for every round.

If you’re quite new to Spin Palace, or to casino games in general, the simplicity of this round makes it a good place to start. You’ll get to know the flow and betting of the game, and can level up by expanding to the Ante and Play Round. Then, as you get more confident, you can play multi hand versions of the game at more than one table at a time.

Developing Tactics for 3 Card Poker

As far as casino games go at Spin Palace, 3 Card Poker is one of our less intricate options. The betting options are uncomplicated, and there are not all that many strategic moves to learn. As a very basic tip, try folding in the Ante round whenever you have a hand that is lower than Q-6-4. This can be calculated by considering your highest card against a Queen.

If your card trumps the Queen you can play no matter what values your other cards have. If your highest card is a Queen and your second highest is greater than 6, you should play no matter what the value of your third card is. When your second card is lower than 6, your third card should at least be 4 for you to continue playing.

The more time you spend playing 3 Card Poker at Spin Palace, the more you’ll understand and appreciate the game, and the more you will develop your own style and strategy. If it’s fast-paced Poker style fun you’re after, give this great game a try!