Fantastic Software Makes For Fantastic Play

One of the most important things to consider when it comes to online Video Poker is the software that powers the games

However, when it comes to playing Aces and Faces at Spin Palace, this need not be a consideration. All our incredible casino games are created by Microgaming, the worlds leading online casino software developers. Slick, smooth action is guaranteed, and every hand will thrill and enthral you. The easy to navigate interface and sleek controls also make this game a pleasure to play.

Great Graphics Throughout The Game

Another incredibly important aspect of casino games is their graphics and overall presentation. These go a long way in ensuring that you truly feel absorbed into the game. Graphics play a huge role in setting the scene and creating the overall atmosphere of the game and when you play Aces and Faces at Spin Palace you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped straight into a land based casino.

Aces and Faces is able to offer you the chance to step into a whole new world. In this great game no attention to detail was spared, which is exactly what helps you fully engage with this game. Realistic and authentic, this game is designed to provide premium gaming thrills with every hand dealt.

Quick Tips On How To Play Aces and Faces

Of course, you need to understand the basics of any casino game before you jump right in and start playing. That’s why Spin Palace lets you have unlimited access to free play games so that you can learn how to play, refine your strategies and hone your skills.

Aces and Faces, like all Video Poker games, relies on an element of skill, and by being practised you stand a better chance of winning big, right from the first hand!

In the world of Aces and Faces, the general aim of the game, as well as the rules that come with it, are incredibly easy for players to get to grips with, particularly if you have already amassed quite a bit of poker playing experience.

The main aim of Aces and Faces is to try and build the best possible 5 card hand, exactly as one would do in poker. To begin, you will simply need to set you bets and decide how many credits or coins to play. These are easily adjustable, so you will be able to do this within a matter of seconds, and be well on their way to winning big with this game. 

You will be dealt a hand of five cards initially, and then need to decide which of these five cards you would like to keep. At this point, it becomes apparent that Aces and Faces is not just a regular game of poker. Many of the cards are aces and faces, and a full house of these could lead to very generous wins!

Hand Rankings Explained

Aces and Faces may be based on the classic Video Poker game of Jacks or Better, but its increased payouts make it all the more appealing. There is an increased payout up for grabs for four of a kind faces and aces combinations consisting of J, Q, K and A.

For a better understanding of the hand rankings take a look at this list, starting with the highest paying hand and working its way down to the lowest:

•    Royal Flush
•    Four of a Kind Aces
•    Straight Flush
•    Four of a Kind J’s, Q’s, and K’s
•    Four of a Kind 2’s through 10’s
•    Full House
•    Flush
•    Straight
•    Three of a Kind
•    Two Pair
•    Pair of Jacks or Better

Hit the Jackpot with Aces and Faces

What really sets Aces and Faces apart from other Video Poker games is its generous pay out. This game is the highest paying Video Poker version available online and its certainly worth wagering real money on. There are numerous winning possibilities available and the payouts are more than generous in every case.

Give this exciting casino game a go at Spin Palace! It has plenty to offer and before long you could be well on your way to reaping huge rewards!