Charming Features

Lucky Charmer Online Slot’s offers up old school gaming at its best. Gone is the bulky machine straight out of the 1960s with a lever on the side and its place is an exquisitely presented game designed to run just as its physical predecessor. And that’s really what makes this online slot games great – the technology of it all in terms of what can be done and the fast availability thereof through the internet.

With 3 reels and a single payline, Lucky Charmer Online Slots gives Spin Palace Casino players something with a spicy flavour thrown into the mix. As with all traditional slot machines, the reels are adorned in artwork consisting of bars and 7s, but this time a snake is the highest ranking symbol, the 7s have flames emanating from them and instead of fruit symbols, there are chillies.

Charm your way to the wins

Lucky Charmer Online Slots goes the extra distance by offering a second screen bonus. This bonus is initiated when the Golden Cobra symbol lands on the payline. While this symbol is Wild, it will only substitute the Green Cobra and therefore its main purpose is to grant players entry into the bonus game. Once the bonus game is activated, there will appear a snake charmer, 3 baskets and three flutes. Players will be tasked with choosing the right flute for the charmer to play in order to unveil prizes from the baskets.

Lucky Charmer Online Slots offers a sizeable jackpot in the form of 5 000 coins. This casino game is perfect for Spin Palace Casino players who like their 3 reel slot games with a bit of interactive fun.