Make Your Winning Mark With These Features

Mark of Medusa Online Video Slots is a 5 reel, 25 payline casino game that brings with it feature rich elements sure to help you pave your way to some seriously rewarding opportunities. Based around the myth of Medusa, a once beautiful maiden who was cursed by the goddess Athena for her affair with Poseidon, this casino game incorporates various characters of the Greek mythology cannon and thus players will find the reels adorned with Pegasus the flying horse as the Scatter symbol. Medusa, while having the capacity to turn anyone or anything that looks upon her to stone, doesn’t look half bad, and far from doing players harm, is here as the Wild symbol to help create multiple winning combinations.

As the scatter symbol of this Spin Palace Casino game, Pegasus can swoop over the reels to unlock the Free Spins feature whereby unveiling between 15 and 25 spins with all wins being backed by a 3x Multiplier. The amount of spins bequeathed to one is dependent on the amount of times Pegasus appears upon the reels. Mark of Medusa’s free spins feature can be retriggered and this means that even if you went in with 15 free spins, you can still get more.

The rest of this mythological-based slot game is composed of very stylistic artwork that incorporates imagery all based around that era of Greece. You’ll find Cerberus, the three headed dog that guards the gates of Hades and was yet susceptible to lullabies. There’s the warrior Chrysaor, son of Medusa and brother to Pegasus - born after Medusa was beheaded!

Mark of Medusa Online Video Slots sports a mesmerising soundtrack made up of soft and enticing instruments that adds to its ancient era theme. Spin Palace Casino players can go for monumental wins in this game that can deliver 200 000 coins in the base game and a splendid 600 000 in the free spins feature.