European Roulette with a Difference

Based on the timeless game of European Roulette, Multi Wheel European Roulette Gold brings all the classic elements of this popular casino game together, and maximises your chances of winning big at the same time.

This innovative Roulette game is Microgaming’s way of boosting your winning potential, allowing you to win multiple bets per spin, over 8 smoothly animated Roulette wheels. In true Microgaming Gold Series style, this game’s graphics are sharp, defined and breath taking to add a special touch to your online gaming.

Win Big with Expert Mode and AutoPlay

As well as an easy to navigate bet table, you’ll be able to see each of these Roulette wheels spins simultaneously, maximising your excitement as you see massive wins land one after another.

With Expert Mode and AutoPlay features also included, you’ll enjoy endless chances of striking it rich with Multi Wheel European Roulette Gold!

Customise Your Roulette Gaming Experience

Eight separate Roulette wheels can be a lot to keep track of, especially if you’re new to Multi Wheel European Roulette Gold. However, Microgaming has made sure that you can easily adjust the game to suit your individual needs.

Simply click on the Roulette wheels on the screen to activate or deactivate each of them, selecting as many or as few of them as you would like to wager on. The winning numbers you’ve wagered on will be conveniently featured on the screen as you play, and this also creates the potential for multiple wins per round.

Enjoy the Thrill of Multi Wheel Roulette Online

Multi Wheel European Roulette Gold offers fast-paced action and loads of intense wins from your screen. With up to 8 wheels spinning at once you have 8 times the chances of striking it lucky!

Get ready for unbeatable Roulette action and huge payouts right at Spin Palace Casino!